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I believe that as WoW users we pay enough money to be able to play at the time that we please.
Rolling restarts should no longer be done during the day but at most done early morning or late nights, not at 11am on a sunday.

Just a thought and maybe something Blizzard would consider, since there always seems to be an issue that follows the rolling restarts that make the game unavailable for the few hour some of us have between work and/or classes.
Have you thought about the different time zones? Blizzard has, and this is the time of day when the fewest people are playing worldwide.
Maybe there was an issue that needed a restart? Just keep in mind we have no idea whats going on internally in the system. There couldve been all sorts of issues. Im sure blizz considers its retarts carefully, but they cant predict everthing that happens. Just be patient. They have alot of new tech and features they are still implementing and tweaking. It could be worse
Let's see ... a small team shows up at the Irvine campus to perform rolling restarts on Sunday. They begin the task, and an unexpected problem develops, requiring the immediate attention of some team that is NOT on the campus on Sunday. Phones start ringing all over the LA Basin, half of which are answered by machines, and the other half of which result in people dropping what they're doing, jumping in their cars, and beginning a 1-hour average commute. People start straggling in to discover that the one guy they truly NEED is in Big Bear. Shaken but undaunted, they do the best they can. Ultimately, when they figure out what to say, they amend the Breaking News.

OK, we're all bummed, but how do you think THOSE guys feel?
The plot thickens - the previous post was from BustHedd, lvl 90 orc warrior - NOT Butchi.
No no, I totally agree with Primdeath. This has been an ongoing thing for blizzard to do restarts in the most inconvenient times, for instance 11am on sunday...i can see a tuesday at 4-6 am and not coming back till like 11am or so like it always is but on a weekend day?? really?
they kno that when they restart the servers that !@#$ happens and they even said it on the launcher page "We are currently experiencing an issue after the preformed rolling restarts" hapens all the time. And if blizzard thought of timezones...they would know that no matter wut timezone ur in not better than 4am...

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