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Hello fellow WoW-aholics! That 'nickname' sets us apart from the gaming some circles its a good thing, and other it is not.

Unfortunately, the year 2012 may have brought an end to our nickname due to the egos of Blizzard Entertainment. We are now tied to a company that is oblivious to what is really going on.

This year should have been a shining moment in Blizzard's history. But due to ignorance and ego, it may go down as one of the worst, if not the worst years in their storied cycle.

I am an annual pass holder. Because of this, I got into Mists beta and received Diablo 3 to play. Mists beta gave many of us the first glimpse into the awesomeness that was coming for those of us who love World of Warcraft. Diablo 3, on the other hand, showed us how much Blizzard do NOT listen to what is going on and is blind to the facts. Diablo 3 had all the ingredients for greatness. Then Blizzard's shot-callers let their ego take over and began doing fixes that didn't work, refused to acknowledge crippling server issues, and eventually people gave up on it. I have not even logged into the game since month two. The issues with that game were/are a joke, and things may be a 'little' better now, but due to the 'shot-caller's' ego, its still no where near where it should be.....especially for a game that was in the works for so long. It is pure madness that a company of Blizzard's caliber allows their designer's ego to cloud the focus to excellence with their products.

Why do I bring Diablo 3 up? Thats a very good question. I bring Diablo 3 up, because mayhem is happening with our beloved WoW. Why is this mayhem happening? Because Blizzard apparently has a 'no fail' mindset.

"If it didn't work with Diablo 3, we WILL make it work with WoW."

Similar issues are popping up in WoW now......from server instability(due to the ignorant CRZ) to hackers. For whatever reason, it was a GREAT idea to implement certain things that failed in Diablo 3 into WoW with the new expansion. Well, GREAT to the clowns that came up with the idea in the first place, but not for those of us who had to endure it in D3, and now in WoW.

Failure is failure, gang. Bad ideas are nothing more than bad ideas. There is NOTHING wrong with ideas, of any origin, to be wrong and/or not work out. That is just how things are. What is wrong is to continually do the same things over and over and over because you can't see past your own ego. This, blind ego, eliminates all thought to coming up with solutions so that bad ideas turn into good ideas and positive experiences.

Someone has to start thinking clearing within Blizzard's hierarchy when it comes to making the right decisions. Sometimes its as simple as taking the 'if it aint broke, don't fix it' approach. Sometimes it has to be something that you research to find the answers. And sometimes, in the case of these forums, the answers are smacking you in the dookin face.

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