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My prospecting macro destroys 5x Ghost Iron Ore but I get nothing. The regular "Prospect" skill works...kind of. I got loot twice but get Internal Error msg on screen when it's used and the loot is delayed. I feel I lost one 5 ore stack without getting anything using the regular skill as well.

For reference, here is the macro I am using:

#showtooltip Proscpecting
/cast prospecting
/use Ghost Iron Ore
/use Kyparite
/use Black Trillium Ore
/use White Trillium Ore

Anyone else seeing this issue?
Wait you can prospect Kyparite and Trillium?

Never tried...
lol not sure to be honest. Copied and pasted it from wow insider I believe. Got a ticket in, just a 4 day response time. ;)
I just prospected 15 ghost iron, got loot just fine
Seriously, nobody else is seeing this going on?
10/07/2012 01:45 PMPosted by Mayliene
I just prospected 15 ghost iron, got loot just fine

Weird...well I guess I'll try exiting and going back in and see if that helps. Very odd. I suppose it must be a local issue or else the forums would be exploding.
It's working! lol Doom cancelled!

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