Return of Grinning Skull Oct. 27 at 7 PM

Moon Guard
((A few posts are getting a complete overhaul since we are changing up a few things.))

Table of Contents
1) The Story
2) Out of Character Stuff
3) What does the Trading Den exactly offer in trade?
4) Join the fun!
5) Be a vendor!
6) When does the event take place?
7) Vendor list, open positions, details.
8) Donation List and Desired Items!
9) The Auction & Lottery.
Time of event: Saturday, the 27th of October at 7:00 PM. (Server)

1) The Story

For years they have met, deep beneath the roads of Gilneas; the most vile, foul and malicious of dark wizards and witches. These individuals and their practices, scorned by their society. Never once was it imaginable that they had been meeting in secret, just beneath the noses of the city’s famed guardsmen and prissy nobles with far too much time on their hands.

After many years, these wizards and witches have become acquainted with one another, sharing their most treasured magical secrets, alchemical recipes, spell books, reagents, and even rare and desirable artifacts and relics. The beginning of a small circle of trade between trusted dark magicians.

The whispered rumors of this trading den for Gilneas’ loathed inhabitants crept through the streets and into forgotten nooks and crannies. These rumors fell upon the ears of other mysterious cloaked individuals in several taverns across the northern land. And should they not have been killed by unknown shadowy silhouettes upon walking out of the warm, cozy inn, and into the cold, dreary raining night, the whispered infamy of this den would only rise.

Over time, the dark trading den grew. No longer had it just been haggish old witches selling leper boils and rotten mandrake herbs to decrepit men wishing to craft a spell over a bubbling cauldron late in the evening. The faces of youthful men and women began to arrive. Unsettling at first to the once tightly held and secretive pact of dark magicians, they grew to enjoy the small profits they gained from the new faces. As well as taking delight in the new supply of spell reagents, grimoires and other tools for rituals.

With the fall of the Greymane Wall, many things soon came into the dreary land, and few things out. One, in that small collection, had been the whispered tale of this trading den. Months later, a flock of new faces arrived at this sanctuary for those in trade of mysterious and magical items. And with them, their own foreign items they began to sell at the market.

The rumors of the vile trading den crept along the land, meeting the ears of many dark wizards and witches that made home in far off lands. From the spooky tavern of Stormwind’s Slaughtered Lamb, to remote hiding holes reclusive hermits practice their witchcraft, the trading den has become a market that appealed to all interested in the occult.

2) Out of Character Stuff

Ladies and gentlemen, boils and ghouls! The Grinning Skull Trading Den has finally opened its cesspool! Within this underground lair, us wizards and witches, sorcerers and conjurors, can trade with one another without fear that we may be cast down by those who are incapable of grasping our desire for the dark magical practices we perform.

This event, or series of (should it be in any way successful), will serve as a sort of ‘farmers market’ for individuals that indulge themselves into magical practices not always looked upon with smiles and warm hearts. As well as opening up a good source of trade for those interested in mischievous books, relics, poisons and other devious goods. There are even tiny pets and critters that are for sale here, for those searching for the perfect toad to pluck warts off of for that next love potion.
3) What does the Trading Den exactly offer in trade?

At this event, a plethora of items are available for trade:

To archaeologists, we have several runes and hieroglyphics, tablets and blood texts for those struggling to make their next item. Yes, actual items used in the secondary profession.

For the more malicious types, the trading den houses a library of some of the world’s most wicked poisons, cauldron brews, monster salivas, and foul, slimy acids. A perfect place to purchase that next concoction to silently kill, or burden, that pesky noble who has been pointing too many fingers at you or your friends lately.

To the intellectual and often magical types, the den prides itself on its countless bookshelves housing innumerable books and grimoires. Within these shelves, the pact of wizards and witches have accumulated rare texts that have become forgotten by most of Azeroth. Actual grey-quality item books such as the text that teaches a warlock how to craft a more deadly bolt of shadow. As well as catering to those in favor of GHI, we are beginning to collect a number of texts, short stories and books of poems from individuals that will be sold here.

For the mystical types that are wishing to better their spells, find that next reagent for their ritual, or add the final touches to the witch’s bubbling cauldron, the item can be found here. From bat wings and dragon claws, to lizard tails and monster eggs, the market for dark magicians has acquired it. The trading den is selling a warehouse of actual items that can be put into this sort of theme’s role play. What would a sacred alter be if it didn’t have a few bear gall bladders on it, or even a few deathweeds or spider mandibles laying about?

And for collectors that are simply searching for that perfect oddity, welcome to the market of the odd. Over the course of the marketplace’s lifetime, the pact has come across several items of unknown intrigue that have simply been laid out on display for someone, anyone, to take it off the vendor’s hands. With a warehouse of random items, we are sure you may find what you need.

The majority of this event’s items will be actual in-game loot, many of which either hard to find, cumbersome to search for, or simply unheard of or forgotten. However, some of our vendors are beginning to collect, or create, GHI items in hopes of catering both towards those who role play with and without the addon. It certainly is not the highlight of this event, nor do we desire it to be. But items that contain written texts, by players, which would be too large to contain within the in-game letter system, will typically be sold by those who have the addon.
4) Join the fun!

However, this event will amount to nothing without the community. Therefore, Moon Guard, the Grinning Skull Trading Den is a place where anyone, absolutely anyone in this world of role play, can trade their own items, in-game or GHI, as long as it adheres to the general theme this event is leaning towards.

This is a time where you can gather your texts, your oddities, apparels and items, and head out to a place in hopes of either profiting from it, or finding a decent enough trade to satisfy your palate.

It is a place where you, as an explorer of the dark arts of Azeroth, can purchase or trade valuable items. We have several vendors thus far, all eagerly awaiting your coin and mesmerized eyes.

The trading den is not without its entertainment, either. A mysterious gypsy fortune teller awaits your arrival, preparing her cards for any mind that dare lingers too far into the future.

5) Be a vendor!
If you wish to be a vendor, this is the place for you!

We are looking for those who are wanting to work with us to make this event truly a fine place for those role players to immerse themselves in this theme of dark wizardry and witchery.

With that said, please whisper either myself, Dalavesta, or Jektar to set up a small, quick and easy meeting to establish what you wish to sell, and so that you can become an ‘official’ vendor. One who would have an actual place to stand and sell their goods.

However, if you wish to simply come to the event, browse some panels, and hope to trade your goods, feel free to do so. There is absolutely no issue with you coming, without offering word either to myself or any of the event’s organizers, and selling your wares. The offer to contact us and have a small meeting is just a step we wish to take in order to establish your character as an ‘official’ vendor, and so that we may more easily support you in that endeavor.

6) When does the event take place?

This event is currently scheduled to take place at 7:00 PM on Saturday the 27th of October, and in the small sewage path beneath Gilneas city. If you have any issues in finding the place at the time, feel absolutely free to whisper anyone within the Eyes of Old guild, or Dalavesta.

All those wishing to troll will be reported quickly.

Everything aside, please come! Have fun! Tell your friends! And if there are any questions or concerns, we will be more than happy to answer them here, or in-game
Feel free to leave your suggestions below as to what other vendors we should add!

Fortune Teller: Dalavesta
Archeology: Kelmia (Tentative)
Rare Weapons: Gorshaam
Pet: Lewin
Food and Drink: Osuro
Robes and Hats: Jessie
Mystery Gifts: Spellstone
Dice Games: Chence (Tentative)
Lotto Tickets: Blackledge
Palm Reader: Ferenold
Exotic Goods:
Elite 4+Champ: Lark
Quest People: Zanouri and Arkalius

Other Accredited Vendors: (Getting on this list not only means free goods are provided to you, but the best spots available will as well. This is first come first serve, accredited vendors need to attend one hour early in order to get a proper set-up going on. Vendors must have either FlagRSP or MRP. GHI is not required)

Knights of Menethil (Tournament) (Might not be happening)

Other Vendors

If you just want to show up but don't want to do the prep work, you're free to come at any time. Prime spots and the tunnel used for this event are for accredited vendors and those of EoO. Please respect this fact when attending the event. Things are set up specifically to prevent crowded emoting, overlaps, and an overall cluster...fudge. :)! No items/gold will be given to non-accredited vendors.

All credit for these posts goes to Havilstein.
Donation List!

So like I said, going to start keeping track and thanking everyone who helped make this market what it is! So give a special thanks for these people, without them Grinning Skull wouldn't be nearly as great! With your help, this is what the bank looks like. Our guild bank is dedicated to Grinning Skull. With your help, we can keep it looking like this every month!

UPDATE: As of now EoG is handling all funds for Grinning Skull, with the progress of the banking guild soundly in-tact there is no need to send donations as the market can function fine without it. While your donations are appreciated and will still be listed here they are not needed for the market to exist. We appreciate all the help given to us by both individuals and guilds in the community.

The Eyes of Old
Knights of Menethil


9:) The Auction

Each month at Grinning Skull we have an auction to give away the highest prize items we've farmed. These include BoE epics, rare vanity pets such as whelplings, or any other variety of items that can no longer be obtained in the game anymore. (As well as other things I can't list here due to walking a fine line on the ToS.


From now on we'll be running a lottery as well as an Auction, each player will give five gold to enter, we'll then do a drawing of names to see who wins the prize. This months lottery prize is:

We are also adding a pet battle tourney. More details to come soon about this. :D

Edit: Also, go to this topic if you have suggestions.
I'm excited! I love these events.
EEEE! I'm so going to bring a bunch of blue pets to offer for battle pet trading. This'll be a blast! :D
Oh dear, this is not solely Ally side is it?
10/07/2012 05:29 PMPosted by Nixalegos
Oh dear, this is not solely Ally side is it?

Sadly, it is but we have had members of the Horde show up sometimes.
How long have we been misspelling Arch's name for?
10/07/2012 09:16 PMPosted by Rofaldo
How long have we been misspelling Arch's name for?

Lmao. Probably forever but I am keeping it like that.
10/07/2012 09:23 PMPosted by Kelmia
Lmao. Probably forever but I am keeping it like that.

I say correct it when he turns 13.
Kelpup if you could change the title to reflect that we will likely need back-up and extra staff for GS on the 27th I would appreciate it!

10/07/2012 09:16 PMPosted by Rofaldo
How long have we been misspelling Arch's name for? bad. >.>
Lady Luck will be happy to be back at the dice! I have looked forward to this so much!

((As always, coins for the dice games will be gladly supplied by yours truly. I usually give out between 150-300g to winners over the course of the eve and always bring at least a 1kg to make sure I have enough to cover. ))
Lady Luck will be happy to be back at the dice! I have looked forward to this so much!

((As always, coins for the dice games will be gladly supplied by yours truly. I usually give out between 150-300g to winners over the course of the eve and always bring at least a 1kg to make sure I have enough to cover. ))

Chence you are the best! I have missed you and will be sure to get you on this list <3!
In the description of the event, it says November 26, but the title says October 27. Will there be a GS event on both dates?
<3 Dala! I will sure show up on SOMEONE!
Yaknow, I was wondering where this went and if it was still active.

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