Bugged Justice Point Gear?

Bug Report
Was looking through my gear to check for upgrades, and I noticed my leg slot, which before todays Restart was a 458 and didn't require rep. Now it's 450 and requires Honored with Shado-Pan.

Took a screen shot.


Edit: Almost, same with my Klaxxi neckless. http://imgur.com/anizq
Same thing with my Klaxxi neckless^
Disabled all my addons, still there^
Just came to post this myself, I am having the exact same issue. Also, before the restart I was 459/461 Item level

now I am 446/430 which makes no sense
Also, it displays correctly when others inspect me. But I feel like i am missing health that I had last night.
Same issue. I had an ilvl of 464.

After the restarts it dropped to 431/440

And my 'Anji's Keepsake' ring is back to needing Golden Lotus revered.
I am having the same issue. At first all the justice point gear simply has a red message of receiving item data, then I reloaded the ui and the items showed as the others have mentioned. It should also be noted that I was still able to buy the Brushcutter's Gloves but when I applied synapse springs to them I was unable to activate the tinkers effect. My characters ilvl is also skewed now. I have restarted wow several times and deleted the WTF folder to see if that would make a chance but nothing so far has changed on my end.
Just to update, I took another character out to the Justice point vendor and found the items as they should be and now it seems to have solved the issue for me on my hunter as well.
I purchased 3 items.. trinket, bracers, ring.. all of which suddenly became rep items that I am not eligible for. Instead of being "redded out".. They all of a sudden include rep req. tag on stat list. I can equipt items..but I receive absolutely no benefit from stats..or trinket use. I went from 458 gs to 419..and whether equipt or not gs is same... but either these items need to be converted to standard JP items..or full reinbursment of JP's even if that puts JPs over cap.
..I actually have faith blizz will fix.. but if its not w/in day or 2 at most . it will have stink written all over it

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