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Hey all! I will be in for my first Raid in a long time. I'm looking for any critiques on my gear or item setup. Can I do anything better? Am I missing something important or do I have something wrong equiped? Please pick me apart.

As a frame of reference, I average about 65 - 70k on 5 man boss fights. These fights usually last less than three minutes though. Not sure if this is normal for the rest of the shaman community.

Raid Video:
Bracers enchant, Engineering Tinker. Get that last 1% hit or at least under 0.10% or above to a max of 0.5%. Ask Mr. Robot would be helpful if you do not wish to spend gold testing that out yourself, but seeing those BoEs.. I doubt financial problems is even relevant to you.

Your DPS 65k-70k average is slightly low, if you account for the dungeon damage buff. Need to work on your rotation a little better.

Other than that.. Unequip your Relic of Yu'lon and give it to me!
Get your hit as close to 15% as you can. Even a 1% chance to miss will rear it's ugly head at the worst times.

I would say that >3 minute boss fights in 5 mans are not the best source for overall performance. Try on a training dummy and get your priority system as tight as you can.
Go for at least 6:30. That's enough to use your primary CDs at least twice. (pending you keep the fire ele glyph)
Thanks guys very much for the input!

I thought I was hit capped though? I'm Dreani; don't they get the 1% buff? With that added in, I'm snugly sitting at .05% over cap. Or did blizzard change something and I'm being stupid?

Here's my WoL parse on the first boss from tonight in a PUG. I think I could've done better. Really messed up and attacked one of the 90% dmg reduced bosses during Ascendance for about 5s. I estimate I lost about 2k dps. :(
I thought I was hit capped though? I'm Dreani; don't they get the 1% buff?

I fumbled that obvious realization. My bad.

Looking at your log, the only thing I notice is overall up-time of Searing totem. It seems a bit low in comparison to the percent of up-time of your fire ele.
I can't say how much you had to move in total, but it looks like searing had dropped off a couple times?
here's the video from the PUG raid. my perspective.
my question to you is what is your UI.
The majority of my UI is ElvUI.

I also have a heavily customized PowerAuras config
Hit cap displays in armory so if you have 14.05% on the armory you have 14.05%, not 15.05%.

They changed that awhile ago :<

Edit: Actually you have 4776 hit rating, and I have 5101 which gives you 15%...some stuff has recently stopped showing up on the armory like engineering gloves so it looks like it's back to not displaying.

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