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i did a search but they were from 2011 and im pretty sure you don't want me resurrecting an old topic from a year ago... plus the fact they weren't quite what i was looking for..

in a year or two I'm going to be changing my first name... and I was wondering if i'd have to wait till it was changed and I have proof of it or if i was able to do it now... i can see reasons why it may not be aloud.. people claiming that they were changing it "soon" and never changing it and instead giving it to their brother or sister or friend.

but it just bugs me because so far all my account except facebook I've changed to the new name or have made another account [which i don't have the money to create a new one and transfer everything across]..

help would be appreciated.
You'll need some proof, otherwise Blizzard won't have any way of determining that the information you're providing is from a legit source (e.g. you, instead of a malicious party).
what proof? that im changing it or that it's me?
10/07/2012 10:39 PMPosted by Auròra
what proof? that im changing it or that it's me?
Once you change your name, you will need to send in court documents of the legal name change. Until then, you won't be able to change it.
The problem with asking about something you plan to do in 2 years is that policies change and anything you learn now may be different when you actually change your name.

Once your legal name change is complete, and you have also changed your government picture ID, you can fill out this form, attach the picture id and the court documentation, and Blizzard will change the name. BUT- the whole process may change in two years.

You are only allowed to have your current legal name on your Battlenet Account. Here are some excerpts from documents describing that.

Establishing an Account.
When creating or updating an Account on the Service, you are required to provide Blizzard with certain personal information such as your name, address, phone number, email address and, in some cases, payment information. For certain Games, an unused authentication key provided to you by Blizzard will be required when adding a Game license to an Account. A Game license must be added to an Account before you can play that Game online, where applicable. You agree that you will supply accurate and complete information to Blizzard when requested, and that you will update that information promptly after it changes.

Account Sharing/Third-Party Character Advancement ("Power Leveling")

Only two people are EVER allowed to access the account (from the moment the account is created to the end of time). Who are those two people? The first is the person who set up the account in their own name (you aren't allowed to set up an account in any name other than your own legal name). The second is one (1) of the children or trustees (under age 18) of the first person. Not siblings, not parents, not spouses, not friends, not strangers.
ah. hm. guess ill have to stick with my current name till then.

Thank you for the help though :D

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