Kalimdor Taming achievement bugged?

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Hey all I completed all the masters in the Taming Kalimdor achievement. It says i've completed it in the Taming azeroth meta but did not get the achievement itself

What I did to do these as alliance was log on my horde toon and i defeated the first few trainers . Up to and including Cassandra Kaboom. I stopped for a bit and noticed the quest shares over to my alliance so while i was over in kalimdor I finished off what i had left.

Do I need to do all the battle masters on my horde alt to get this achievement or is it just bugged?

Edit: I relogged and even instance zoned to see if that would correct it, it did not.
Edit#2: I tried logging on my horde to see if it would trigger completion. still nothing
Same issue here. It's notorious that this achivement is bugged. I have adefeated all tamers for the completion and didn't get the achivement awarded.
mines bugged as well
I posted this earlier in BUG forum. Ill repost it here. Its not just you having issue.

have Completed Taming Eastern Kingdoms on my Alliance toon, but I can't complete the Kalimdor one because I can't fight Cassandra or Merda.....

yet Kalimdor is complete on my Horde toon, but Eastern Kingdom is not shown as an achieve (even though all names are there.)

To show you what I mean...see the provided screenshots....Notice the Horde Taming Eastern Kingdoms...*pulls hair out*

Horde Toon (Illidan) screenshot below


Alliance (Frostmourne) below


I have no idea if this is a known bug or not....but its annoying *sad face*

Also, none of my pet achieves are showing on my profile...or pets.....this is after the maintenance....it updated my gear so I know Armory is updated.

Played same pets for a while.....

Created a horde and alliance character, seem supposedly account based achievement is getting tagged to horde/alliance .horde got kalimdor tamers achievement but not eastern. The alliance
got eastern but not kalimdor. Notice the same Cassandra Kaboom never got credited to Alliance characters

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