Alliance/horde only pet trainers? Really?

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I wanted to get the acheivement "Taming Kalimdor" - to then learn some trainers are horde only. And that horde can't get "Taming Eastern Kingdoms" - What is the logic behind this? Forcing people to have both horde and alliance toons for achievements is stupid. I had some horde toons on Bloodhoof, due to the bad horde ratio on this server and lack of pugs/anything to do over there I faction changed my 2 85's, deleted the ones around 60 and rerolled them on Alliance. Now it seems there are achievements I will never get all because I don't have a horde toon!
Well, in order to catch 'em all you had to buy (or know someone with the other) both games in the generation, if not the third as well. It's not very surprising there's faction specific achievements.

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