The Imperion Threat

Bug Report
Attempting to do this on my main. Unable to do so due to the fact that whenever i enter Guo-Lai Halls, i get phase out. Meaning that i cannot see the runes on the floor, mobs around me despawn and because of this i am unable to finish the quest objective.

And of course, GM ticket time is about 4 days. This is a daily quest and if im suppose to wait 4 days for a GM tell me that this is beyond their control as GM, can i at least get the reputation for finisihing the quest and the treasure of the vale ?
Same issue on Kil'jaeden. Phasing as I enter the halls so unable to complete the quest.
Same Prob on Lethon, just hit revered with the Golden Lotus, maybe that has something to do with it?
I'm on Kil'Jaeden, same issue. I also just hit revered with Golden Lotus.
Same issue on Aerie Peak....same issue, same place on quest Battle Helm of the Thunder King.

GG Blizz, so proud of you.
Posting to confirm this is still the case, and my first thought was also 'I wonder if it's because I hit revered with Golden Lotus?'
After much frustration and part of the pain that comes with getting ahead. When you reach revered a new quest chain will open up. It appears to automatically phase out the daily. The quest chain starts with the main dailies and is for the Thunder King's various gear. This did not appear for me right away...the next day I had the same quest and flew around until I found the new quest line. The Imperion does spawn in the location as shown. Complete the portion in the Halls and you can move on.
Same issue on Hyjal. Both with The Imperion Threat (no boss) and Battle Helm of the Thunder King (NPC despawns).

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