Korgaths Meaning

Korgath..... I can't find it anywhere within the Warcraft universe. Most servers are named after someone, or something in the game.... but it doesn't seem like Korgath is. What is it named after?

PS. Its not the Warchief of the Fel Horde....that is Kargath.
Haha I never noticed they opened both.

I believe Kargath is correct tho. Screw Blizzard and their servers. Kalecgos was originally named "Kelecgos" so they don't know !@#$ It was only after hundreds of ppl %^-*!ed that they realized they mispelled it.

But anyways, I believe the in-game (BTDP) names are the correct ones. I think he is Kargath in-game. The manual and mission briefings are RIDDLED with spelling mistakes (honestly, it's like they were typed up in 2 minutes and never overseen by an editor of any kind.)

they are both correct technically just one shows up ingame and the other does not.

were still better then them so whatever


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