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Maybe someone on here will have a good explanation to this question. The game now has cross account mounts, cross account achievements, etc etc. Why is that high end loot from dungeon Boss's aren't cross account accessible?? I have a Night Elf Rogue, leather maker and skinner. When I kill a boss in a dungeon and loot an awesome 2 handed mace, staff, etc something my toon can not use but its soulbound, therefore I cant sell it at action, i cant give it to one of my alts, it is basically trash and i have to sell it to a vender. To me that's a waste. Yes you get gold from the item from a vender but it is still a waste. All soulbound items from bosses should be account bound instead in my opinion. sorry if this has been discussed before
Have it Disenchanted from someone in the run (hopefully you have someone in the group who can), use materials to enchant current gear or sell that on the AH. It's that easy.

BOP - account wide items would be silly.
that would be nice if the toon i got the item with was an enchanter..but he isnt so..its still trash and have to sell it to a vender, i wasnt aware you could give soulbound item to other players to disenchant an item. if thats the case then its not so bad then
It's because blizzard wants you to actually play your alts instead of just sitting on your main and sending everything to them.
if thats the case then they wouldnt have cross account anything..achievements, mounts, ect.....

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