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Hello I am wondering about any good healing addons people can suggest to me.
The kind of addon I would like is something along the lines of what blizzard can have but have bigger bar width / height as well as showing hp and percent
I tried healbot but I did not like the fact that just clicking on the tab heals instead of letting me see their hp and overall it's just very confusing
Something along the lines of xperl but I am not using xperl because the party is bugged and I need to see party to heal
Most healing addons require a certain amount of configuration to get it to do what you want it to do.
Healbot should be just fine. If you don't want to click to cast, go to the tab with spell assignments, then clear out all the defaults. Then use your mouseover macros or whatever as normal.
It will also show hp and overall health if you tell it to, at all times. I suggest looking into a healbot guide for setting up.
Healbot is good if you are new to healing, it's easier to configure but less powerful. When you get better and start to feel limited by Healbot, switch to Vuhdo or Grid and Clique.

With Healbot, you could just set it so that HP/percent is shown on the frames all the time, but I find it much more useful to see Health Deficits (how much HP someone is missing) instead of total HP or percents, and I believe Healbot is set up this way by default. Clicking on the frame to see more information isn't something you should ever need to do, all the information you need should always be shown.

Learning either click-casting (spells bound to mouse buttons) or mouseover macros (spells bound to keys) is THE WAY to become good at healing. The idea is to target and cast with one action. You put your pointer over the person you want to heal, then press a specific key or mouse button to cast a heal.

If you're targeting and casting separately, such as pressing a function key to target someone and a number key to cast, or clicking on someone's frame to target them and pressing a number key to cast... you're quite frankly doing it wrong. You'll never be as good this way as someone who only uses one action to target and cast.
thanks a lot for the replies I'll keep in mind about those suggestions
I would recommend grid and clique for overall gameplay, not just healing. Clique allows you to assign spells to different mouse buttons which then work when that button is clicked over a unit frame. Even if you're playing as ret or prot rather than holy, I find clique to be very useful. I don't know if I would really use things like hand of sac, LoH, etc., without it.

You can exclude certain frames if you want from clique - for example if you are using both xperl and grid, you can make it so the spell only casts when you are hovering over grid, but not when you're hovering over the xperl frames.

Grid can be a little confusing for a novice user though, so I would try to find a tutorial first. It's confusing because it is so comprehensive, and in the end, helpful. Clique is very user friendly on the other hand.

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