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10/10/2012 01:47 PMPosted by Quorraabeth
sorry for the simple questions that i am sure the answer is right in front of me for

No problem, that's what this forum is for. The players with the really difficult questions usually get directed to the topic-specific forums.

10/10/2012 01:47 PMPosted by Quorraabeth
So if i read the FAQ correctly, i would need to send my battle tag to someone i would like to quest/dungeon with in game?? and they can accept or decline??

Yup. You'll be able to talk with them and see when they log in even if the two of you are on different servers, no matter what characters you guys are playing. And anytime you guys are playing characters of the same faction, you will be able to group up with each other.

Or is there an easier way to get friends?? I am assuming the little "o" button is what that is for?? I have one friend, lol....i am lonely hahahaha.

There's 3 levels of "friends list" in this game:

-The normal (and original) friend's list: You only know one character of theirs and they know only one character of yours, and any additional characters of each other have to be added manually. They do not have to "confirm" that they are your friend for you to add them to the list. Also this list can only be done between people who are on the same server and faction as you.

-The Battletag friend list: Still anonymous (no real-life info is given to them), but you can talk with them and group with them cross server, and you'll be able to see when each other is online no matter what characters you guys are playing. It requires you tell each other your battletag ID's AND that you both hit the "confirm" button to agree to the battletag linkage.

-the RealID friend list: This one requires that you trade the e-mail addresses that are tied to your accounts. Once you both confirm the association, it will list you on their friend's list as your real life name. Because of this, it is advised that you only use realID for people who know you IRL (real life friends, family, coworkers, etc.). People you don't mind being able to find you IRL or on social media sites because they already have that info anyway. RealID (like the battletag system) also allows for cross-realm grouping and chatting and will alert you to whenever the other is online no matter what character they log into.
Holy Tauren piles ...!!! Thanks for all the advice and help - never thought I would get this kind of response. Avanna your the best ..!! Blazenova / Quorraabeth as soon as I get back on I will let ya know .. you guys are the best

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