BM Damage

"I want cata PVP back." - I swore I would NEVER hear those words.....

Regardless of all damage and ETC, the game still isn't fun to play anymore. Arena is all about popping everything instead of skillful play, I miss Wrath. At least the damage wasn't so mongoloid.

I fail to see how spirit mend is "op" considering the insane self healing every class how nowadays.

Bm damage is too bursty, I personally hate what they have done to all specs though BM just happens to be better. BM is clunky, cd dependent and really boring to play.

Not that it's an excuse for any class to be OP, but almost everyone has had to deal with ridiculously mages for the past 2 years. Just wondering if you've also created any threads about mages being out of control during that time.
10/08/2012 08:04 PMPosted by Çhillz
seeing as how the majority of you believe it's fine.

true story, bro. =/

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