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hey i'd really like to roll a priest, im pretty new player a couple level 50s, but nothing that has caught my attention that i really think i enjoy alot. So in gonna try a priest, i havn't tryed healing yet. So my question is, what is the best spec for me to pick, id like to level by doing dunegeons and solo questing, but id like to heal in the dungeons, i know shadow priest would probably be the best for killing stuff while questionm but id ilike to heal in the dungeons, i was wondering if discipline better then holy for healing, and is it ok for killing stuff and surviving while solo questing??
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I have tried all 3 specs while in Dungeons and when questing. When questing I found Shadow is best for really getting the job done, Disc can do it but more time is needed, and Holy dragged it's feet a bit behind Disc. In dungeons? I love being Shadow in dungeons, it's fun. When it came to HEALING dungeons I much prefered Disc over Holy but that's just me, others might have enjoyed Holy more.

For me it was the atonement aspect of Disc, tossing out bubbles then nailing down some Smites and HF. Kept me on my toes and always focused. In this expansion though I must say when playing in Disc I miss Divine Hymn.

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