Flight Training: Full Speed Ahead Bugged

I'm trying to complete this quest and Instructor Windblade keeps despawning right after she says 'I will not hesitate to fail you'. I still have the 'Guide Rope' buff. I've tried staying behind her and stacked on her. I've dropped and re-accepted the quest. I restarted WoW. Same thing every time. It seems to me like she is hitting a phase wall or something and just goes away. I can fly back to where she is on the take off ramp and she is there, but I have to leave the serpent vehicle to talk to her.
This has been filed in the bug forums more than once today. There are variations but yours is the most common.
Ok. After repeated attempts and the npc fading out and disappearing, I was able to complete the quest. After she flys out, and curves around, she begins to pick up speed. When I saw I was beginning to fall behind, I started flying thru the cloud rings, which gives you a speed buff.
On the first attempt using the rings, I completed the quest. Swing wide, fly thru the circles,
and you should be able to complete it. At least I did.

Just an FYI.
Thanks for the advise, I did what you said and it worked for me this time as well! Thank goodness, I was getting a little bugged about it. hehe.
Bugged for me too. First time I tried, I had no instruction so started toward first checkpoint I saw, going through the first two smoke rings I saw. Didn't get any speed boost, didn't see the person I was supposed to be following. Second time I tried, still didn't see any person, and just flew toward checkpoints, nothing seemed to happen, but I did notice a speed increase when going through smoke rings. I eventually got lost and couldn't make anything complete so I looked and sure, enough it is totally bugged for me.
Have completed this quest on one toon. Trying to get exalted for jc mounts recipes on an alt this quest is glitched instructor vanishes tried every thing even cancelling quest and picking it back up. Still have the instructor buff even after cancelling quest. Do not know a fix for it.
It appears that this quest is still broken. I attempted 3 times before putting in a ticket about the broken quest only to find out that there has been a problem with this since beta in August. Oh well, maybe they will eventually get it fixed.
I was having the same problem for a couple of attempts. This is going to sound obvious, but try to get as many cloud rings as you can BEFORE the NPC usually despawns. In other words, try to get at least 4 - 5 rings right at the beginning. Worked for me.
wow yet another place where they get lazy with their programming. How about fix the bug, have her talk to you rather than trying to read text and try and figure out the unknown or just lay it out before you fly so you have some understanding of what is happening... I drop the same place each time even flying through the rings... its as stupid as having your gear you been wearing for 4 levels suddenly becomes absolutely useless because you turn 90... what a great reward for a lot or hard work.
Just tried this quest 4 times myself. It is still bugged.
I just tried it, 7 times! Bugged.
Call me a masochist!
No, don't!
I won't do it again, too buggy and annoying
Relog, then try it, worked for me.
Flying through the smoke rings worked. Thanks.
Tried it all and none of this worked for me and Bliz is utterly refusing to help with it. Hm. Why am I paying to be frustrated like this? Someone please remind me...
Received this response from customer service. FLOORED when he/she actually said they're not sure this quest is actually bugged...

But one interesting tidbit is that we are supposed to actually focus on hitting every cloud loop and NOT focus on following the instructor.

Seriously? I don't have the energy to deal with this tonight, but if this is actually the case, is it asking too much to have someone from the Dev Team actually re-word the instructions for the quest? I've seen reports of this bug dating back October of 2012... This is an important quest! Fix it already!
Bug spotted today.
Happened twice so far.
She dismounted and disappeared in the middle of the flying training course.
Quest unable to complete.
I did this quest successfully the first time on 3 toons so far. On my fourth, and was having the problem of her despawning in the middle of the course. Came here and read the suggestion of using the rings - which I did not have to do before.

It worked. I used as many rings as I could and kept up with her to the finish.
Managed to complete this after 4 tries. You not only have to hit as many rings as possible to maintain the speed buff, but you also have to stay within the range allowed by the rope buff. Didn't see any direct warnings from the instructor in chat but DBM pops a warning about being too far away before the rope breaks. You get a pretty decent range to drift away from her, but you'll have to skip some of the cloud rings that are further out.
I've tried the quest 4 or 5 times. Still bugged, she's doing the despawn thing. Ugh
just did it.
took three tries.
it worked when I used the cloud rings and I tried straying from the instructor to prompt the warning. it gave me the warning but I still made it back in time with the speed buff.
so idk, just try going through cloud rings instead of staying on her !@#

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