[H] LFM MoP 10m raiding relaxed but serious

Hey everyone, we are a group of friends looking for more bodies to fill out a MoP 10 man group. All of us come from experienced raiding background and would consider ourselves to be above average gamers. We are serious about raiding and would like to see to all Pandaria raiding contents, but we would like to do so within a tight knit, relaxed and drama free circle of friends. At the end of the day, raiding is more about the quality time spent together and enjoying the game, versus a pure interest in purples.

At the moment, we are planning to raid as a group, so there will be no attachment of joining a guild. This may change in the future if the common consensus steers that way.

Two things we look out for in you are: commitment and ability. We want to find devoted players who will become our friends during the long course of raiding, players who will be committed to show up on raid nights. (we don't plan to recruit more than we need to) We also value capable players. You can imagine that a certain skill level is required from players who wish to raid in a relaxed tempo and still progress. (yes we are confident that we meet this requirement ourselves)

Our group is perfect is for those mature players with duties outside of the game, but would still like to devote 2 nights a week (or more) to discover contents. We are definitely for you if you excel at playing your class, but don't have the time (or chose not) to raid hardcore. We don't mind if you only log in twice a week to raid as long as you come prepared with the basic gear and commitment required. If you posses a sense of humor and appreciate friendly communication during the long hours of raiding, you would be surprised! And the great thing is, above all, we will still down bosses.

At the moment, we require several classes to fill out our roster, but feel free to apply even if your not one of them! To us, it is the person that matters, not the class. If playing alongside with you is deemed a great experience for us, our core players are willing to reroll our mains just to fit you in our roster!

Currently LF:

Ranged DPS all classes, prefer 1 Hunter, 1 Mage/Lock
1 OT
1-2 Healers, prefer Druid/Shaman/Pally

Our raid nights are not yet finalized, but it will be weekday evenings, most likely with a starting time of 8:00 or 9:00pm PST (ST) and go on for 2 to 3 hours. We plan to raid two nights a week as we had the best experience with such in the past. Your availability is important to us, and the raid time will not be finalized until we find a common ground for all our group members.

Please reply to thread or contact me in game if interested!

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