Battleground looked like 2 multiboxes

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The title doesn't really explain it too well, but I was just in an AB where both teams (multiple realms on each) looked like they were being controlled by 1 person. Apart from me and 2 alliance people, BOTH teams rolled around as 1 massive group.

This wasn't a zerg rolling around, I have multiple screen shots to show if you want to see them. Here's how the game went:

- Start of the game I ran to gm alone, with no one from alliance stopping me. Alliance capped st and lm, horde capped farm and the WHOLE team stayed on the flag.
- Bs remained un-challenged for long enough for me to cap gm, and ride on up to cap bs without only 1 of the actual plaing alliance members trying to stop me. (It was an 86 shadow priest that didn't attack until I was 1 second from capping - standing right next to me. I also finished the fight on full health.)
- I then capped st with only a holy pally dancing around me healing himself who then chased me on foot
- I mounted and went to cap lm as well, where I found the WHOLE alliance team just standing at the flag. Naturally I died.
- After respawning I again found my whole team just leaving farm to fight with the alliance team on the bs bridge. Alliance had capped all bases at this point, and my whole team was fighting on the bridge at bs while 1 person capped farm.

I've seen some pretty bad players before, but this was nothing like that at all. It honestly looked like they were all being controlled by 1 person ie. all moving at once and starting to attack at the same time, casters stopping at the same range etc.

I never once got a single reply from anyone in this game.
Multiboxing isn't against any rules. Nor is being particularly bad at it.

Win trading, however, is. If you managed to get one person controlling both sides, leading to a predetermined outcome, than they would be breaking the rules. Reporting the name of at least one of the characters, the battleground in question and the approximate time it occurred to the in-game GMs would be the best way to have this investigated.
I know, but 13/14 players on both teams with no 2 servers the same? Doesn't sound a bit odd to you?

Through my screen shots I think I can drop about 10 names from each side if needed. At the fight on the bridge at bs, I stood in the open for atleast 30 secs and only copped 1 moonfire or something.

It might not even be a bug, but over my 2 years of playing I've never seen anything like it.
10/09/2012 03:30 AMPosted by Ðomino
I know, but 13/14 players on both teams with no 2 servers the same? Doesn't sound a bit odd to you?

Unusual yes but not impossible. With the ability to invite characters from other realms via RealID or Battle tag it is plausible. I have seen posts regarding it being done in the past but not on that scale. Ultimately you do not need any evidence as Blizzard will investigate no matter how implausible the situation is to be sure that there is nothing untoward going on.

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