chose beast mastery as my spec is it good?

I just chose my spec and had a real headache trying to think which would be better survial or beast but I chose beast. What are beast good for? Was it a good choice? Im not a noob Its just my first time being Human Hunter.
Well, I'm assuming you want to PvE. If so, let me provide you with some useful links and information.

All three specs have somewhat unique playstyles and while they are simular deliver damage in different ways.
Beast mastery delivers roughly 40% of its damage from its pet. This means you need to be skilled at controlling the pet to get it to the target you need to attack. If your pet dies your dps will be very hurt. You get some unique abilities such as a stun thru your pet and can control exotic creatures later. Most hunters have a BM spec for the unique pets.

Speaking of, <This website has a good listing of the different pets and the colors/abilities of the pets.

MM doesn't offer a lot right now so I wouldn't recommend it.

Survival offers high mobility and lots of damage over time abilities. This spec is good if you like the idea of being able to snare your enemies from range with traps and being able to wittle your enemies down with Fire and Shadow damage. This spec isn't super dependent on this pet but it still hurts if you lose it.
Thanks fo the help!

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