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My friend that I am questing with is playing a mage. At around level 20 he got a mage quest to make a staff in Shadowfang Keep. So we queue'd for it in the dungeon finder. We didn't get very far before they voted to kick him.

After that we decided to get the recount addon so we could check his DPS, thinking that might have been why. According to recount my DPS tends to be around 80-100 (we're level 20) but his is barely getting over 50.

We thought maybe it was the spec, so he switched from fire to arcane, but that didn't change anything. Granted the way leveling goes we outlevel the zones before finishing the quests, so end up with gear that ranges from level 6 to current, but I'm in the same boat, maybe with one or two better items. But I don't think that should make so much of a difference at just level 20.

Anyway, I guess my question is are mages at this low level actually less DPS than other classes? Can his gear really effect his DPS that much to make it half what mine is? And would a level 18-20 dungeon group really care so much about DPS that they would kick someone for it like that? I can understand kicking stragglers at the high levels where it matters, but in a level 20 dungeon?

Anyway, I'm trying to figure this out because he is pretty discouraged, being new to the game and all, but he is really enjoying it and I would hate for this to ruin his experience. Any suggestions?
Well there could be a few problems right off the bat since he is a new player. Does he know how to play fire? Is he using scorch instead of Fireball? Does he know that if his Fireball crits and gives him a Heating Up! buff, that he can use Inferno Blast to crit again and get a instant pyro, so he doesnt have to crit 2 fireballs in a row? And most importantly does he know to use Combustion right after a pyroblast?

To be honest, mages don't get any of their main dots untill level 75, so that's kind of a hinderance. Also fire mages are in for a rough ride because of the extremely low crit you will probably have while leveling. Also, fire and arcane AOE is very very subpar at the moment even at high levels, so don't be suprised if his AOE is bottom of the charts.

I know very little about arcane, but I would probably recommend that for leveling if you're both concerned about dps performance. TBH fire/frost/arcane should all easily do enough dps to not get you kicked.

Also I think i've been in a group that has kicked someone for low dps maybe once or twice out of the hundreds of dungeons I have done while leveling. As long as you don't annoy the group in some way 99% of groups should be fine with you. Especially if you explain he/she is a new player.
Level as Frost imo. You get the pet and can chain the pet Freezes with a Ice lance. Plus Fingers of Frost is win. Being that Frost is not reliant on crits is a big bonus at your level. Honestly you shouldn't have to worry about DPS at 20 though, and people who care about DPS at 20 are just unnecessarily griping. Requeue and just go with it. Your friend will get more tools for his mage as he goes forward. Sorry that this happened to your friend, but this is nothing to be discouraged about. Mages are not strong at a low level and are a very gear reliant class.

Looking at the way Mage skills are structured now, Fire spec won't see major differences until levels 24, 34, and 36 which will all benefit Heating Up! procs. Also, Ignite is a major part of your DPS, but it is your mastery now so it is not available until 80.

But yes, don't be afraid to speak up and /w the party members that your friend is new to WoW if they start griping. More often than not they can see the logs and give pointers to your friend. Kicking someone for low DPS in a dungeon that is not max-level is absurd. The only reason someone should be kicked is if they are afk, d/c, or cause the party to wipe.
Im leveling using RAF with frost spec. Its pretty nice DPS, but usually Monks and Tanks are top dps at these levels. If they kicked your friend just because of his DPS, they are morons really. Low level dungeons are so easy and so fast that it shouldnt matter.
Probably could have been because he rolled need on something that he cant use, like Rcmp said.

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