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So I was in a group that cleared Sha of Anger on the weekend, but when I got my drops I got gloves from the Holy set and boots for Shadow DPS. What I found strange is that I was in shadow spec and have only played as a shadow DPS since cata first came out. Should the drops not be for the spec you are in when you kill Sha? Has anyone else had this problem?
Its SUPPOSE to be based off the LFR system, but since there is no real way to "queue up" I think it does not care what spec you are and just throws loot at you in LFR fashion.
Hey, be glad you got something.
Hey, I've gotten the PVP cloak I'm wearing 4 times now. While it is BiS for PVE before raids... 4 times? come on... So please don't complain about something like that... It makes me cry.

At least you are getting different drops... Random loot my blue furry !@#$... T-T

I know our warrior tank has his 2 pc for dps and most of our pallys have 2 pc for a spec that is not their mainspec atm... I agree, it is annoying as all hell, and it is somewhat pissing us off because it seems like Sha is trolling us with these drops, but hey, its free loot. So, I won't complain... much...

Only real complaint is that on my server we had Galleon spawn twice last week, both of which were at like 1 pm. Which is when I'm at work... T-T
10/09/2012 08:20 AMPosted by Raven
At least you are getting different drops... Random loot my blue furry !@#$... T-T

I don't think you know what random means.
I could understand it being random if I had holy as a dual spec at least but when I do not have it as a spec at all should the loot table not be able to see that and drop something relevant to my class? And even though you do not queue for Sha it can see that I am shadow, so shouldn't it not drop something for shadow spec? This seems like a flaw to me.

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