DMC Ox Deck Update : THANK YOU BLUE!

Just wanted to give a quick shoutout to Blizzard for the recent hot fix for the Ox Deck DMC.

Relic of Niuzao

It went from very 'meh' to the best pre-raid tank trink in the game.

I'm sure the scribes out there are thanking you for making it worth while and as a tank, I can say for sure I'm absolutely delighted with the new version of this trinket.

Dropped 35k on it yesterday without blinking - it's fantastic.

Thanks Blizz for listening to the community!
~_~ should've bought it when no one wanted it.
Meh. As far as plate tanks go, call me when it's mastery instead of dodge.
10/09/2012 10:47 PMPosted by Melarke
Meh. As far as plate tanks go, call me when it's mastery instead of dodge.

You have it backwards mi amigo.

This is a very good source of dodge, and as a paladin tank, I get access to good values of block, parry with strength, raw physical and magical DR with cooldowns and SOTR, but guess what always seems to remain helplessly low, even as I reforge my parry into it?

My dodge rating - and although it's DR is steep, this trinket alone gives me 8.5% more dodge over 12 seconds, every minute. This demonlishes the 2minute 20second dodge trinkets, and allows you to put two dodge trinket cooldowns onto one trinket, and couple it with stamina. I cannot use any 20second dodge cooldown with this trinket - even after, they share the same cooldown. But what this trinket does, is it allows me to opt for the JADE/Lin Shao stamina/mastery on use per minute trinket, all the while having 2 dodge trinkets worth of dodge value bundled onto 1 trinket, not to mention over 1400 stamina.

The change, or fix, whatever you want to call it, makes this trinket worth keeping around as a situational trinket, long after ilvl 476 or 500 get's outdated.

I remember when the ICC 4 piece gave paladins 10% dodge during divine plea duration. This trinkets on use alone rivals that set's respectable bonus. 8.5% for 12seconds, every minute.

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