Sick of Balanced Druids

I am so sick of having to compete with Resto Druids for gear.

10/10/2012 12:22 AMPosted by Tonydanza
Queing as Tank, I never saw one single Feral Druid/DPS Monk/Rogue.

Qing sometimes as bear and sometimes as cat, I saw quite a few windwalkers and bears (when I was cat). Barely ever saw a rogue though. I think all the rogues have gone into hiding since they're not overpowered anymore. A month ago there was no shortage of them, now they're like a rare species. So fickle.
Anyway, I found myself competing with hunters over accessories more than anything else. And there's never been a shortage of BM hunters. But also formed a couple alliances with resto druids, needing on eachother's gear and trading it back to them. Talking to fellow druids helps a lot... we're a nice community. Had more than 1 druid hand me LFR tokens before, and handed a few over to others. It was also an unspoken rule to roll on Kirils and pass it to any other ferals.

I ran over 50 heroics and was still short 3 slots, I finally got one (a ring) but just gave up on the other two. I also ran that stupid brewfest guy only knows how many times (I can't find a thing in statistics that tracks him?)... I got every single trinket (only needed on the dodge one while running as bear) before the dps one even dropped... took 3 drops to get it (with everyone in the group needing on it all 3 times, so I was actually lucky.)
I am so sick of having to compete with Resto Druids for gear.


This, along with all the other 50 casters who use spirit. AMG SPIRIT IS MY THING OK?

By the way, can we have more plate, mail and cloth drops plz? PLEASE?
Yeah OP has zero right to complain or is trolling.

I haven't seen Leather gear with Int and Hit on it since... ever? Maybe there was some leveling up to 80, but I don't recall it. 5100 straight Hit cannot be attained through 2 rings, 1 weapon, and 2 trinkets... Spirit is a REQUIRED stat for us.

I suppose you also believe that bear tanks should only roll on Leather gear with Dodge or Parry on it because Agility is their 6th or 7th priority stat...

Spirit is like 6th or 7th on the stat priority list for a Balance and they are actually going to argue that they should get equal priority for spirit gear as myself?

I think by 6th or 7th you mean 1st tied with hit and expertise, until capped and after cap tied with haste and crit because haste and crit are so close that extra hit rating is reforged to one of them.
Spirit = hit, so it makes pretty much our most important stat till hit cap.

Locks, mages, Spriests roll on the same loot. Warriors, pallies and dks do so as well. Ferals roll against rogues and monks. What makes you think you should be any different?You're not entitled to your own exclusive line of loot.

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