Every Expansion the Same Thing

Is it because priests have two healing specs? Is it because Blizz just doesn't like them? Does GC have it out for priests? Are they supposed to be shadow only now? Why is it every expansion priests are broken for the first tier? Cataclysm saw a completely and utterly broken disc priest, with holy being only slightly less awful. Slowly but surely, with gear, priests scaled and became decent and even good by the end of Dragon Soul. I was happy I could play disc again and actually be an asset over a detriment to my raid group.

Then, MoP launches, and just as I expected, priests are awful again. This was experienced in the Beta, we had forewarning. Blizzard chose not to listen. So yet again priests get to deal with being worse than sub par. My question is how long will it last this time? I am a healing priest, I have been since Vanilla. I don't want to be a shadow priest and I certainly don't want to change mains.

This week my raid group tried out Mogu'shan Vaults. Due to attendance issues and some raiders taking forever to hit lvl 90 we were only able to down the first boss. But that kill and the attempts on Feng really showed me how terrible priests are right now. I was oom all the time, and the druid SUB we had was outhealing me substantially in gear about 20 ilvls lower than mine. From what I have read on the forums, I am not alone, so I am guessing it's not my methods etc.

I have looked everywhere for blue posts or patch notes acknowledging the sad state priests are in. But to no avail. So I am posting my two cents here in hopes the more posts like this there are the more Blizzard will understand the need to fix something. I was absent for a good piece of Firelands because I was tired of being a burden to my raid group and didn't want to do anything else. We are priests for goodness sake, PRIESTS; we should be good at healing.
In before witty demeaning comments.

But yes, we've noticed the issues, we feel the same, there are other threads you'll probably get a good read out of... up until they are each derailed, and they all were.
I've thought about this too, and I think that it's because there are two healing specs.

I mean, when you sit back and look at it I imagine that it's not the easiest to balance. Making each spec feel different but both of them being effective in PVE/PVP sounds like it'd be pretty difficult.

They don't hate any classes, though.
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When has Holy ever been good in PvP more than a week. Holy priests are so squishy, adding more survivability does not affect PvE but it would make them playable in arena.

Cringe at how poor Blizzard are at balance, they have had these specs for years and stuff priests up constantly!

SO fail its joke.........


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