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Maybe not the most upfront title but it seemed mildly appropriate. Anyways, now that we're two weeks into Pandaria, I'm curious to know:
How has it (any aspect of it) effected your roleplay? Have you incorporated it into your character? Have you completely ignored it? Anything with the Sha? I NEED DETAILS!!!!

*regains composure*

So how has Mists of Pandaria effected your roleplay?
It hasn't effected Ferenold that much, but I expect when he actually meets the Pandarian ambassador that's going to come up to Gilneas it'll have a bit of an effect on him. I can't expect he'll immediately warm up to Pandaren philosophy and the like, but he'll eventually grow on it to some degree, especially as he gets older and some of his ethnocentric sentiments die away.

My other character I've been RPing, Z'kuul (Draenei dude) will be going to Pandaria with his mate, mainly for exploration purposes and the like. He also hopes to find sources of power that he can draw arcane energy from.

In my Pandaria?
Ghaoithe is definitely loving the new world. Aside from having to go to Stormstout Brewery to get a decent ale, she find the culture and lands very exotic. She has a certain fondness for White Tiger Temple, and perhaps the bear people's philosophy on life could get her to calm down and settle somewhere for a bit.

But, that'll be in the future. Right now she's just busy trying to uncover the secrets being held by the strange prince in the Tavern in the Mists. And here she had thought the Pandas had kept all of their best artifacts out in the open so far...

In my Pandaria?

Shouldn't that be the other way around?
Sha-Taint Sha-Taint Sha-Taint Sha-Taint Sha-Taint Sha-Taint
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Sha-Taint Sha-Taint Sha-Taint Sha-Taint Sha-Taint Sha-Taint
I say we put this to music.
Mario finds the place interesting; full of ore that he can use for his own purposes, and wonderful countryside. He finds pandaren an agreeable sort, and rather likes their mantra of living without a care. He despises yaungol... "yaks" as he calls them.

However, he -has- had a really unfortunate experience with the sha. He can barely remember what happened. Every time he does, it comes in snippets and alway disjointed. He likens it to being drunk without the fun part -of- being drunk. I plan on having him track down a priest... or anyone who can read someone's thoughts, really, to help him out on this.
Coron is studying Amber Alchemy from the Mantid. Or at least what ever info he can find on it.
I just wish I could share my Lorewalker stories with other people. When in a party with others, I wish Lorewalker Cho's stories could be seen and heard by party members.

This is one time where phasing is truely a negative.
Erryk has met a handful of the visiting pandaren and finds their culture fascinating. He's about to lead an expedition to Pandaria at the behest of his Liege-Lord, which should present some great opportunities for character development.
sha possessions for everyone
Edyrem is roaming various Pandaren settlements to study their culture and their ways.

Not learn them herself, just studying. She's deeply fascinated with the Pandaren.
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sha possessions for everyone

A new sha! Everyone's possessed by a new sha!

Don't forget your complementary bees:

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I lol'd. I haven't seen that gif in a while.

As for Elivina? The new land is pretty interesting, it has lots of wonderful creatures and plant life. She enjoys the pandaren to a degree, since there aren't too many adventurous ones. She likes to explore than sit in a tavern and drink.
Having come from the Wandering Isle, Shen Liu has spent all this time learning about the Horde and mastering her skill, and seeking out stories about Pandaria from those who have been to/came from its shores. Having finally tested and passed to be recognized as a master, herself, she's preparing to board the airship to Pandaria and see where her people come from for the first time. There's still a whole new world of discovery to come for her.
Aeter has turned into a wanderer, simply venturing around the new continent in a pursuit to find himself again.
Grace has faced Sha. Came home with the t-shirt and nightmares. Now she's quite happily back North, happy to be free of the Sha.
Outsiders in my Pandaria? "Sharpens blades"

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