[A] Ele Shaman lf3s Team

2k experienced ele shaman looking for competent and mature 3's team.

-Played off and on since vanilla
-Old school naxx raider
-2k exp. war/ele/hpal, boomkin/ele/disc

Happy to play some games as a trial.

Individuals welcome to hit me up also.
Hey man hit up Snuggl in game, hes Alliance side on Barthilas. Experienced Arena & RBG player.

Our guild is also recruiting PvPers for our RBG Team.

Still yet to find a team.

Individuals welcome to contact me if they think something could work. I may be able to convince my betch of a priest friend to start pvping again with the right team.

Also looking for RBGs/5s.
no dice best rbg oceanic

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