Script to move arena frames in MOP?

UI and Macro

In cata I used to move my arena frames with a script, and it doesn't seem to work any more. It only moves the first frame now.

Is there a new syntax available or something?

For reference, here is my old one (no longer works properly).

/run ArenaEnemyFrame1:ClearAllPoints()
/run ArenaEnemyFrame1:SetPoint("TOPLEFT", -550, -150)
/run ArenaEnemyFrame1:SetScale(1.0)
/run ArenaEnemyFrame2:SetScale(1.0)
/run ArenaEnemyFrame3:SetScale(1.0)


Edit: On second thoughts, maybe I need to add 1, 2, and 3 to the macro now? They no logner move as a set?

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