Addon like Power Auras for Priest

UI and Macro
I was wondering if anyone knew an addon similar to Power Auras that is updated for the latest patch? It seems like PA won't be updated any time soon so I'm gonna need to start looking at other options.

Specifically, I'm looking for something that will give noticeable indicators when certain buffs are present (like trinket procs, Divine Insight for Disc/Holy, etc) or when certain abilities are off cooldown.

Any assistance would be appreciated. :)
Try Weak Auras.
Weakauras is like Powerauras on roids
I heard WeakAuras is an amazing addon.
I use tell me when it's super simple
Power Auras will be re-released (according to author post in comments, anyway) like six weeks after Mists came out, as he's redoing some things pretty deeply.

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