Monks as tank healers

Is it viable?
My Raiding group needs a tank healer, But we already have a prot and a ret paladin, and we didn't want to bring a Holy pally because of that... So, my Mistweaver is at 42 and I was wondering...Is it a viable tank healer? I was going to tank heal on my Disc Priest but, yea, they are broken...
Yeah I would say Mistweavers would be quite competent at tank healing.

Soothing mists + enveloping mists would be your bread and butter- when the damage get's big instant cast surging mists can put out some ridiculous numbers, your mana will dry up really fast though- don't forget energizing brew for a quick burst heal
Protip: You can spam Healing Spheres under a stationary tank's feet for massively quick single-target throughput healing, but watch your mana.
Enveloping Mists and Soothing Mists with some Surging sprinkled in is amazing single target healing.
Never had a problem with monks healing in groups I was in
It's capable. But it's a terrible idea. Surging mist is simply too mana inefficient, and it will be necessary because enveloping mist + soothing mist will likely not be enough.

Monks shine as raid healers and are very mana efficient at it. It will outshine every class as a raid healer, save perhaps an extremely skilled druid in non-stacked situations in 10M. And if you were 2 healing as a druid/monk, the druid would be the more capable tank healer (much more mana efficient for them).

Sidenote: I'm not a big fan of the whole tank healer concept. Such assignments can really cause tunnel vision. Perhaps a tank focus vs. raid focus, but every healer should be throwing something on a tank during the fight. And every healer should be throwing something on the raid at some point.

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