Dalaran Blizzard Mentor Alliance Guild

Guild Recruitment
Welcome! If you would like to call Dalaran you home and are a new player to World of Warcraft, the Dalaran Blizzard Mentor Alliance Guild would like to hear from you!

Our guild (Dark Sun Knights) is comprised of adults. Children are welcome provided a parent or guardian is also a member of the guild. We are a casual, social, progression guild. We raid, we have fun with achievements, we enjoy one another's company online. For more information feel free to visit our website at www.darksunknights.com.

When in game, feel free to chat with Xakopane (Guild Master), Buckwht (Assistant Guildmaster), or one of our Mentor rank members.
Hello there i started on dalaran server 2 days ago , been trying to join a guild too.
nice social and clam guy here, not my first time playing wow, but needed a fresh start so ,new server and staying here.

DPS hunter here , can handle myself on wow...but having some nice people to play with is always welcome. :)

MSG me in-game AngerX#1423 :)

have a good day ;)

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