[H] Pwny Express 1000+ toons, RU next?

Pwny Express is an adult-managed level 25 casual raiding guild home to players of all play styles, interests and abilities. If you're new to Warcraft, a veteran just returning after a break or a hard-core player who wants to play casual hard-core™, our doors are open to you.***

Pwny Express is actually two guilds in one: Pwny Express (capped at 1000 toons) and our sister guild Pwny Excess (growing every day). Guild chat is linked and both banks are stocked full of every raw material you need thanks to our unique donation system.

Join us as we co-host World Boss Wednesdays with our allied guilds, grouping together for weekly world boss kills and the occasional For The Horde Alliance raids!

Experienced players We offer a relaxed and flexible schedule, open rosters (no exclusive positions to apply for) and several raid nights a week. If you can't make one raid, show up for the next. It's all about the fun, not the pressure.

New to raiding? Don't be shy! We are happy to train you!

Non-raider? We also have fun events for achievement collectors as we revisit old content and other non-raiding activities.

Raid Schedule:

We currently have three teams running; a West Coast 10 man on heroics, an East Coast 10 man on Garrosh and a 25 man Friday run.

East Coast raids start at 5pm Server
West Coast raids start at 8pm Server
The Friday 25 man starts at 7pm Server.

Flex raids are organized all the time as well.

All that will change when WoD goes live, and we have some interesting plans to take advantage of the new raiding format!

To join our guild, you must make contact with one of our officers in game for an invite. Here’s how:

Type “/who Pwny Express” and hit enter. That will return a list of players who are online at that very moment. To chat with them type "/whisper (their character’s name)" and ask them for an officer to invite you to the guild. Don’t worry, there’s no hoops to jump through, no applications to fill out. If you’re not disruptive, you’re part of the family!

Have fun!

*** We also have three Meetup groups in Southern California: Orange County, Inland Empire and South Bay/Long Beach. If you're local and want to meet up once a month for dinner and fun conversation look up Warcraft on the Meetup website for your local area and sign up! *Guild membership not required* for the Meetup, though we find meeting guildies face to face to be a lot of fun and great for the guild.
This is baller. Good luck!
Where's the meetup in the Sacramento area? What, no love for the state capital? :)
That's a bit of a drive from Irvine! The closest one to Sacramento is in Mountain View it looks like. Feel free to start your own Meetup. It's easy to do and you'll find friends you never knew you had!
Come to be social, come to get help, come to raid or come for the perks!
Halloween party Saturday!
Great party, Sarah!
Welcome new players!
Election's over. Back to work!
Giving thanks for all our new recruits!
Happy Thanksgiving!
Patch 5.1 looks interesting!
Join us for Old Content night for a chance to see dungeons from previous expansions, get achievments and win rare mounts!
Great guild and fun meetups. I give it 2 hairflips up!
Lol. Hey there, Jettlag!
Happy New Year!
Edited. See you soon!
Updated content. Have fun, DBD!

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