[H] Erogenous Looking for Tank and Heals

Area 52
Erogenous is a small guild looking for a Tank and Healer for one of it's two raid teams. We are not a hardcore raiding guild. We are a group of adults that like to raid and down content and do it in a fun enjoyable way.

We are interested in either a Druid or Pally Tank and either Druid, Pally, Shammy heals. Must know your class, know raids, be on time, and want to be there. As of right now, Food, Enchants, and Gems are covered by the guild...Flasks are required and up to you to provide your own. We are also looking for people who are 18+ and will consider other apps if they meet our needs.

Current MoP Progression is 0/6. We decided to take the time to gear up and enjoy the new content and we would like to start raiding 10/17.

The raid team already has the following raid make up:
Blood DK Tank
Frost DK
Shadow Priest
Monk Healer
Holy Priest

Raid nights are Wednesday and Thursdays from 8:00 pm server to 11:30 pm server.

Message Holykittie or Thynar in game for more details. Thank you
hi again

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