[H-25]<Kinetic> 1/16H Recruiting a few dps

Guild Recruitment
<Kinetic> of Frostmane is a well established guild dating back to 2005. Formerly a top 100 guild, with many members still around from the original core, Kinetic is a hardcore raiding guild with casual hours. We raid as hard as any other guild you will find, but only in our 12 hour a week window.

Previously our two 10man cores were clearing 8/8H, with the first 5% Madness kill on 2/21 (finishing the tier 50th and 85th in the US respectively).

As a 25 man guild we went back and cleared 0% DS and have downed Heroic Stone Guard in T14.

We don't recruit for the bench.

Currently we are recruiting the following:

1 Melee DPS
Either DK or Rogue

2 Ranged DPS
Boomkin and mage are highest priority
Would consider anything except a warlock or hunter.

Applicants should be level 90, raid ready, and have a minimum of 8/8H DS experience at a reasonable nerf %, and be able to play off-specs competently when called upon to do so. Ideally we would like to see some progression into T14, but as it just started this is not a requirement given reasonable experience in DS. Applicants from lesser progressed guilds are welcome, but only if you have logs demonstrating to us that you can perform well in a more competitive environment.

Raid times are Tuesday to Thursday 530-930 PST

Apply at: kineticguild.net

Or speak with Nervllng, Gorno, Draeger, Saji, Darttlol, or Bartzx in game if you have further questions
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