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Hi there, I'm not too sure where I should be throwing this, I don't often visit these forums, feel free to move me where ever you think this should be placed.

Edit: And now I just see that this should have been placed into the "Website Features", was a bit miss-leading..

One feature that would be a nice addition would be to alert the user when one or more auctions have been sold via a notification when the app is running in the background. As far as I know, this doesn't exist or work for me. I'm currently running the app on a Samsung S3 (AU), Android 4.0.4 (and I can say it works really well). To clarify, the guild notifications work great. Displays the W icon at the top and in the drop down it displays some of the text i.e.: "<player> says: lol, why did yo..."

I know there are many players out there who, like me, use the app every day to keep up with events in guild chat and to sell off all that fresh produce from our very own farm, among many other items of course, and of course looking for great deals and player stuff ups as they did not check what they listed is correct. This would be a handy feature as I tend not to flood the market with 20 stacks of an item at once. I gradually list more items as the previous items are sold. I keep on top of this by system notifications in game. Having to re-open the app every so often to check up on things does get slightly annoying even without the constant "Please Log in" message.

Which is the next feedback point. Could there be an option to disable this if the app has been running in the background? I switch apps for a few mins, come back, try to claim gold or sell something and it asks me to log in again. If you're like me, a complex password containing letters numbers and symbols plus an authentication device (on same device) would have been set up, and entering that password in does become rather repetitive and annoying. I would say it compares to going for the insane title (which is what I'm working on.. curse those goblins!)

I know this is answered in the commonly Reported issues that are not QA bugs, but I do have to ask is it a technically impossible (such as server related ) issue that this cannot be implemented? It is nice that it signs in Automatically, but would it be possible for the app to sign automatically so we don't get asked for our credentials when auction housing?

Apart from that, everything else is pretty good. It is a nice clean working app that's only crashed once :)
We have talked about Auction House push notifications, but at the moment it's fairly difficult to do so and we're exploring ways to potentially make this happen.

As far as the hard logins are concerned, this is a security issue so I don't foresee us disabling any of the existing logging.
Thanks for taking the time to reply back Wilebosk, I genuinely appreciate that.

I can imagine that the push notifications are difficult, as an app developer myself, this gives me headaches at times. Usually after the sixth coffee I give up.

Just regarding that you say it is a security issue for disabling log ins like that, I don't want to come off sounding like someone who is down on their knees begging for changes, but since you say the security issue is there, have you ever thought of alternative 'quicker' log ins? I just don't like having to swap the alphabet/number/symbol keyboards around all the time just to log in several times a day. I've even considered to change my password to something far less secure, and hope my authentication device will help, just to make the log in process quicker for myself. From a user's standpoint, this is annoying, and I'm sure I'm not the only one to feel like this.

Maybe no one has thought of this, maybe you have and scrapped the idea, but what about an alternative log in which could be similar like the one my banking app uses, details following. (I promise, this is my last post (: I won't suggest anything else. )

When I do my online banking from my mobile device, the first time I log in (and in the options) I get to set my own 4 digit PIN to quickly log into my banking app. This saves me from entering my overly complex password. If I try to log in using the PIN incorrectly, lets say 3 to 5 times, this will lock the PIN log in out and force me to enter in the password instead. If I can't do that, it will then lock me out of my account and I have to seek alternate methods to reactivate my account (say like, logging in and changing my password and confirm my device ID on a web browser).
This discussion is ongoing with our developers, I assure you. With the world quickly adopting mobile technology, it's only a matter of time before these solutions become requirements. Just give it some time. :)

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