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Since last saturday my game is stucking on loading screens, the bar loads 100% and keep stucked at this point. Yesterday on my Mogu'shan Terrace raid, I had to wait someone ressurect me inside the instance, cause every time that i released and try to enter in the raid again my game got stucked, so I had to alt+f4 the game and log in back.

Any knowed problems with this? Tried some Scenarios today and in every loading screens i got stuck and had to alt+f4 the game and log in back to play.

I deleted my WTF, Cache and Interface folders, downloaded the whole game again but the problems persists.

Please someone help me.
I feel your pain bro, same thing happens to me, I think it only happen to ppl around east coast/new york!
Same for me, I'm in Australia

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