Thoughts on Eternal Flame? (Ret PvP)

Tried it for the first time today and I was curious as to other people's thoughts on it. It's less burst then selfless healer, but the HoT is very nice. I'm not really sure how it compares to sacred shield as personally I'm not much of a fan of it.
Personally I prefer EF on my paladin. To me they are almost the same thing. EF heals twice in 6 seconds whereas sacred shield will just absorb the next damaging attack. Either way hit points are saved(and relatively similar in amounts) but EF gives you the control to burst heal a fair amount of hit points with 3 HP. When combined with holy avenger(if chosen) you can do some very nice regens when in trouble.
Eternal Flame requires Holy Power, meaning you're trading damage for healing.

Sacred Shield does not have this compromise. That's why most people probably don't like EF.
While leveling in dungeons I could heal with Holy Shock alone, and I've only been 90 on this character for a day so my opinion's limited. What I do like is the combination of EF and Divine Purpose. I've had 2-3 consecutive procs of DP which allows me to put the EF hot on multiple group members all of which transfer to the tank via Beacon. Probably not the best reason to pick that talent, but I thought it was fairly handy.
Eternal flame works better for holy because it renews your mastery shield on your target. For ret I'd go selfless healer for the amazing offheals unless you're doing 1v1 or getting trained hard a lot, in which case i would go with sacred shield or EF i guess if you wanna have less keybinds, however, I believe the mitigation from ss is better than the hot.
Selfless. Healer.

250k Flash of Lights.

This guy knows whats up.
I used to use Eternal Flame - after getting bursted beyond the HoT component, I said eff it and went with Selfless Healer.

3 Judgements = Free Heal.
3 HP = another heal.

This gives so much room for kiting/self-heal phases when you're trying to survive. With Eternal Flame, you use up 3 HP and you're done. With Selfless Healer, you throw judgements to kite/snare/speedboost (depending on talent), exorcism, and use HP to self-heal while either casting Flash of Light on yourself at 2-3 stacks of Selfless Healer.

You have to realize that you don't always HAVE to wait for 3 stacks to use selfless healer. At 2 stacks, your flash of light cast is so fast it's basically instant.

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