Battlemaster 6/6 2-night 10man LFM

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Guild Name: Battlemaster
Realm: Sargeras (PVP)
Faction: Alliance
Server Time: CST
Raid Times: Tuesday and Wednesday 7-11pm server time
Guild Master: Tyrantìs
Raiding Officers: Xeiiqt

Available openings: See website for current recruitment needs.

<Battlemaster> is a 10-man raiding guild on Sargeras formed by a small group of players from a diverse background with two things in common: The desire and ability to be at the top-end of raiding progression.

Some of us have been raiding end-game content since the original Naxxramas 40-man instance, experienced and cleared Sunwell before the 3.0 patch, and have logged numerous Top 100 U.S. kills in all content tiers. All of our players have consistently proven to be among the best at what they do, evidenced by their knowledge of their classes and roles, their performance in raids, and their being ranked among the top healers and damage doers in combat log rankings.

Unlike several of the other top 10-man guilds, we run a single 10-man group. We do not currently have plans to start a second group.

Our guild is lead by ex-members of the guild <Imperative> on Mal'ganis, a previous top US 25 guild. Imperative took Dragon Soul by storm, racking up multiple top US and server kills the guild decided to call it quits after a respectable 5/8 HM clearing the first week of heroics. The guilds lack of enthusiasm for Dragon Soul along with real-life issues getting in the way resulted in <Imperative> ceasing raiding for the rest of the expansion, but now we are back and looking to build on our successes of the past.

Because of our desire to balance real life with raiding in WoW, we intend to keep a light, but efficient, raiding schedule of two nights, eight hours a week. This will allow our raiders to enjoy being in a successful raid group while having the time to pursue other interests outside of game as well.

In addition to raiding, our guild members also enjoy other aspects of the game during downtime, including playing alts, working on achievements, and especially PvP. Our guild has a group that actively participates in organized guild PvP, such as weekly RBGs, arenas, and war games. No matter what your interest, our guild likely has a number of members interested in the same thing.

We are a mature guild, most of our members are over the age of 20, but that doesn't mean we don't like to have fun! That's what we are all about!

If are you are interested in learning more about our guild and potentially raiding with us, apply on our website at You can speak to Tyrantìs by adding him to your real ID friends list at battletag Exile#1844, or by contacting Xeiiqt at battletag Xeii#1542 if you have any questions about our guild or raid.

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