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I know there are many threads about this pet, and most of them seem to be being ignored or trolled. None of them have any response from Blizzard. I know that it is bad hat to request blizzard make a response to a specific post, but this is Blizzard responding to none of SEVERAL posts about an issue that many people are having. I understand that they want some pets to be ridiculously rare. However, rare does not mean 15 pop up when servers come back and then none are attainable until the next restart. The issue seems to be something to the tune of that the Infernal Sentries spawn with a few Minifernals at restart, then any following Minifernals are supposed to be spawned by killing Infernal Sentries. This is where the issue seems to be taking place. CRZs are controlling where the infernals spawn, but due to several players' anecdotal evidence that Flight Paths over the area show many Minifernals, it would appear that the Minifernals are being given to the mob-killer's zone. Therefore, there are an abundance of Minifernals on your home realm, but you will never see them, because you can only see the ones that are on the cross-realm zone, the zone that had them at server restart and will never get them again.
I'm sure something is broke with pets and CRZ. The problem is developers (for all software companies) have insane egos and a severe dislike for customers who are obviously experiencing user error. In a few months or so they will 'adjust' it.

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