Brewmaster Gems

So I got my JC up and now I need to decide what to gem. I looked up some of the top brewmaster monks in the world and I noticed a lot of them focused on haste? But on the Stat priority list it shows Agility and stamina to be main priority? Can anyone help me out?
Yes, agil is priority.

However- due to MoP gems having double the number of secondary stats, it makes things a bit more interesting.

While agil is priority, 1 point of agil is NOT better than 2 points of haste. This would make you think you want to gem straight haste. Not quite. Socket bonuses in Mists are pretty good, and shouldn't be ignored.

So, basically, go for agil/haste gems if you can, if you can't, agil/hit. If hitcapped, agil/exp. If exp capped, agil/crit, for all red/blue sockets. For yellow sockets, yeah, straight haste gems.

And that reminds me, some of my own gemming is off. I should go fix that.

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