[A] Looking for Guild That Meets Specs Inside

So I'll try to get straight to the point very fast. I'm going to be 90 soon, hopefully next week and I'm looking for a guild that is enjoyable to play with and has some awesome people in it.

Now I know my awesome is different then your awesome. You may think your awesome, and I think your lame. But that's beside the point, I'm willing to give anyone a chance.

About Me and What I'm Looking For:

- I plan to play Mistweaver Monk, with an offspec of Windwalker.

- 10 Man Raiding

- Small guild. Don't want to be part of a guild with 900 members and only 24 log on. That's stupid and no one actually cares about anyone else in the guild.

- Don't want to join your guild if you're one who has an auto-invite addon.

- Mature guild, definitely 18+ but I don't mind younger kids. As long as they aren't annoying as !@#$.

- I've raided ever since BC, and I raid led all through Wotlk and Cata. Very experienced player. Not to sound elitist, but I simply am that good.

- I don't get mad or yell at anyone. Progression is progression.

(Please if your raid times aren't what I specify, don't even whisper me.)



Those are the days and time that I can raid.

Leave a post here/whisper me in game/realID me.

Real ID: actuallyjeff@gmail.com

Also if anyone knows whether or not there are any late night raiding guilds on alliance, let me know.

Because if there aren't I am very much interested in starting one as I know I can't be the only one in this boat.

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