Tanking//DPS questions

Hi, I have a 85 prot warrior who's not geared, only ilvl 360 or so. I stopped playing him because I wanted to focus more on my mage so I did. I now want to level him up as well so I have couple questions..


- Do we have to do the vanilla version of Stance-dance again, or just stay as Prot stance?
- How do you like the new Rage system, is it bad or good?.
- I never found Prot tanking hard, but all the CD's now, is it hard now or no?
- I dont tank in Raids, how are they in 5man heroics for MoP...any good?

DPS: (No DPS gear or anything)
- Which is the best spec to use for heroic dungeons so far, (raids not available yet)
- Is it hard DPS'ing as warrior (fury and arms)

Any Pros and Cons about the changes, mainly for Prot but as well for the other DPS spec?
I can only really speak to my experience so far in MoP, but to answer a couple of your questions:

- I've not had to stance dance at all, defensive stance seems to be working just fine.
- Rage system works ok for me.
- Thus far, I've not had problems tanking, as long as everyone is attacking your primary you should be just fine.
- I haven't tanked a raid since Molten Core back in Vanilla (I took a few years away from WoW and just recently came back ;) ) so I can't say.

Now, my experience so far is limited, I was trying to get this char to 85 by MoP but it didn't happen so I have only run the first two MoP instances over the last few days. Both were run with DPS and heals in the 87-89 level range, so they were better geared for the most part (I had to buy some gear in order to tank for them...). At no time did I have aggro issues in either of the instances, even with the higher level DPS and heals. As usual, when tanking for folks of a higher level and gear level, it requires a bit more attention and care on your part, but it's manageable.

I've not done any DPSing in instances so far so I will leave those answers to someone a bit more knowledgeable.

hth :)
Just presenting another point of view of a geared tank and dps at 90.

-There's no need to "stance dance", its obsolete as every ability your spec can use is usable in any stance. Hence, never needing to leave defensive.
-Rage system works perfectly well, just shield slam and revenge as much as you can and you shouldn't have any problems.
-It isn't really any more hard than it used to be just changed a little. Just have to use your active mitigation if you are expecting heavy damage or have extra rage. Sure, you'll so more dps cleaving or HSing, but you aren't there to pull the damage you are there to take it. In response to what Lyen said, even if the DPS isn't attacking your primary target you should be fine. My AoE threat is more than enough to keep them hitting me.
- Prot warriors, as long as the player isn't completely stupid, are perfectly fine for tanking heroics as well as raids. In fact we can do pretty high DPS on trash and bosses.

If you have no gear/undergeared Arms is definitely the way to go. Fury doesn't start pumping out large numbers of DPS until you get close to the hit and expertise caps as well as have a reasonable crit chance. The fury rotation is pretty straight forward, to me at least, keep Colossus Strike on CD as well as Bloodthirst, Raging Blow if possible, Wild strike x3 if it procs, and herioc strike/Whirlwind (if Aoeing) as fillers/rage dumps. And use abilties such as Dragon Shout/Bladestorm/Shockwave on cooldown. As for arms, I have no idea, haven't played the spec in MoP.

Prot's damage was just nerfed a bit this morning in a hotfix but it hasn't really hurt our abilitiy to tank.... just makes me wonder why dks didnt get the nerfbat.

Overall, warriors are a pretty great class at the moment. However, if things go the way they have in past expansions, we'll be passed and nerfed as the expansion goes on. Only time will tell!

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