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What is the best pet I can get to kill Lil' Ragnaros? He's popped up in 6 battles in a row and his speed is about even with my pets, with his damage being about 50 points higher than any of my pets. He destroys every pet I've tried, and seeing as he's both so powerful and so common, I want to put a pet on my team to specifically combat him.

Might want to try Magical Crawdad.

Tanky, with decent attack and a nice heal. Can Shell Shield and Surge also always goes first.
Lil' Ragnaros is elemental so is countered by many aquatic pets, which do 50% more damage against elementals. Frog Kiss does Aquatic Damage and has a 25% chance to polymorph so try a rare frog or toad.

Be sure to pick the skills that do aquatic damage. Some aquatics mainly have skills that do other types of damage.
That is why I never roll without my Magical Crawdad. I see lil'Rag so often my crawdad becomes unreplacable.

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