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MoP is so awesomesauce.

We can has same kind of xpac for draenei pleaze?

Nope :D.

If you're not one of the "main races" (ie, Orc, Troll, Tauren, Dwarf, Nelf, Human) of either faction you're not a main player. I don't expect the Pandaren to have too much involvement in the next Xpac.

Heck, at this rate the story is mostly about Orc and friends Vs Human and friends.
I sincerely enjoyed the leveling content; I'm finding level 90 to be less fun. World of Dailycraft is OK on one toon, but I've got 9 more (plus the monk to be) in the works... Spirits of Harmony being required to buy recipes is just evil. It kills crafting alts, plain and simple.
Major props to how they did crafting. Can actually level it while you're leveling your char and have fun. Hope the drop-rates and spawn rates of basic mats don't change.

P.S. Bigger low level garden plz thnx. Kinda pushing myself a bit on leveling cause I want a full farm asap!
10/02/2012 04:32 PMPosted by Vaeflare
What have been some of your favorite experiences within Mists of Pandaria so far?

The moment I hit revered with Order of the Cloud Serpents and my Azure flies past.

But that was trumped the moment I did the Sky Race. The music was perfect! And seeing all the serpents fly around was beautiful.
10/02/2012 04:32 PMPosted by Vaeflare
What have been some of your favorite experiences within Mists of Pandaria so far?

I'd like to say thank you as well! I'm really enjoying the quests; my favorite so far would have to be pretty much everything in Valley of Four Winds. Not only are they farming related, but the little touches, (such as the vermin mobs jumping across vegetables and fences, and trying to eat the machinery) are absolutely wonderful.

I have also really been enjoying the pet battles. Words cannot express my joy.
Well, I must say I haven't purchased MoP yet as I wanted to watch the forums for feedback. I've been sitting on the fence ever since the announcement of MoP last year for fear of an xpac flop.

There have been numerous threads congratulating Blizz since the release and it makes me happy to read MoP has turned out to be a really good expansion, afterall.

I have also really been enjoying the pet battles. Words cannot express my joy.

I decided to log in the other day and I thought it was neat to have access to pet battles, also access to create a pandarian character without the expansion (no access to monk class and other expansion stuff). The point of my reply is, I wasn't all that impressed when I read about pet battles some time ago, but I had a blast checking it out and I giggled.
I love the cutscenes, the senarios, the short and sweet dungeons, the Sha of Anger (who I've killed 4 times now) and the epic WPVP that occurs around him, and the fact that I can take a break from it all to just do some pet battles.

In otherwords, I've been playing since the middle of vanilla, and this is without a doubt the best expansion yet.
I just got to 90 and found out all the rep grinding and such thats needed. I thought this is MoP a progression from the past of BC and Wrath.... I am so wrong take longer to level and dailies after that for the better gear. I got 5 more toons..... Thanks for the fun Blizz BUT when its a full time job to level and "have fun" time for me to throw in my hat. Thank you Blizz for the friends Ive made and I hope you return to what made you great
I have completed 4 zones so far and just managed to get the quest to open the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. So far this is the best expansion I have ever seen. People might say the questing is a bit grindy, or have other complaints, but there are only a few areas that feel a bit too heavy in the grindage.

The zones are really enjoyable visually and in relation to the story they tell as well. Hopefully on this guy I will eventually get the loremaster of pandaria achievement and add that to the list.

You don't have to do every quest along the way as they aren't all attached in one loooooon linear fashion.
So far I'm loving MoP and I'm really REALLY hopeful that the raids will be as good as the 5mans so that this can be a fav expack ever for me.

I would break feedback down by teams though.

Art Team: YOU GUYS ARE FREAKING AWESOME! I was SO afraid when I heard it was for sure going to be an asian themed expansion that it would turn out awful. Asian has been done, done again, and done some more after that so I figured it would wind up looking like a rehashed copy pasta mess of other games. But no, they did a perfect job of blending the warcraft style to an asian it.

Encounters Team: FABULOUS! Loving the 5mans fights. So much stuff on the ground, target swapping, but not so much that it becomes a headache. A+!

Quest Team: Good Job :) When I tried to quest in pandaria on beta I found myself getting really bored...but on live I normally quest characters in pairs with my husband...turns out it was just the lack of a companion making it uninteresting. Cutscene usage was perfect...just enough to help tell the story but not so many that they feel intrusive. Phasing wasn't too much, and it didn't feel so "on rails" like cata ones.

Systems Team: Sorry, compared to the art, encounter, and quest designers you guys are slacking. Gating EVERYTHING behind Golden Lotus isn't bright, this whole pvp gear fiasco, jp being essentially worthless.... I still REALLY like what I've seen of the expansion so far, but this part of the game isn't hitting the A+ mark of everything else. I'd give you guys a B
I’m glad you’re enjoying Mists of Pandaria! There have been so many people here at Blizzard that have contributed to it, and I too am continually in awe of seeing the result of so much hard work come together. The landscape, the quests, the music, the art, the little touches… there’s just so much to see and do.

What have been some of your favorite experiences within Mists of Pandaria so far?

I seriously can't put into words how much I appreciate this expansion. I did not think it was possible to do what Blizzard did twice in someone's life. I thought that magic I felt when WOW was new almost 8 years ago was gone and passed, a relic of my younger days.

The last few days have been amazing, and I just can't believe the magic in WOW is back. I thought I burned out before TBC came out, and I've been playing since then just for nostalgia's sake, but this is not nostalgia anymore.

I just can't believe there's even going to be better things in the future with more expansions to come.

8 years and one video game, I never would have thought it possible.
And of all the weird awesome new things I love, for some reason I just want to say those red rings that warn of AOE the quest bosses are using are awesome. I really hope to see those in heroics and raids now as well, it makes AOE into something precise that I can really use my reflexes with and feel in control instead of the weird laggy imprecise clouds it's always seemed to be.

Please do more things like that.

Really the only thing that would have topped this expansion would have been the updated player model for the original races.
Brewfest Goblins. Most. Hilarious. Things. Ever.
This was the most poetic expansion.

That quest in Dread Wastes with that Klaxxi Manipulator guy. Free him from Amber, run around and kill stuff while he finds his "ultimate weapon", find out what the weapon is, Manipulator says "Isn't he magnificent?!"

I lost it. That quest made my day. In fact I enjoyed most of the Klaxxi quests. +1 for the legit looking Amber Scorpion too guys.
Also, beware of places outside of WoW. They like to letter-sync to keep you most primed. WoW is depriming. The media is very good at anti-this expansion.
10/02/2012 04:32 PMPosted by Vaeflare
What have been some of your favorite experiences within Mists of Pandaria so far?

I find that I really like the Pandaren much more than I expected I would, but what is absolutely amazing is the monk class. Add in the changes to tanking (i.e. activie mitigation) and the game has not been so engrossing and fun for me outside of quests and lore in a long time.
Omg. I just said magnataur.

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