Thank you Blizzard! :)

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I <3 The Music!
To me the best part was Valley of the Four Winds. Interacting with Chen, fighting beside him, playing as him, etc. By far it is one of the greatest things I've seen/experienced in WoW all together.

Oh and making beer! :D lol

Lol ...same with me ...i just couldn't stop with it until i did all the quest-zones. So far my experience has been great. Quite enjoyable!

I started playing late TBC and it was a pain to level ...i had to constantly ask friends and who knows who where to go and what to do ...i got so tired that i stopped to level other toon through the same spots i already knew until the patch with BG experience was introduced (3.1 i think) and leveled through BGs until i got to Northrend.

Then in Cata we had this taken-by-hand quest lines, they did good in telling the stories but by the time you leveled a second character, it was all plain-boring-linear.

But now ...oh yeah guys (Blizzard) nailed it managed to combine the best of both worlds, linear questing and scattered quests with those mini quest-zones. Telling great/fun stories but allowing us to choose when to go to the next zone.

I haven't touched the dailies as i hadn't reach level 90 yet but so far so good, my experience has been great.

This expansion is near WLK as my favorite so far.

Hail to the devs!
10/02/2012 05:03 PMPosted by Vail
I enjoyed the Horde counter to that quest series as well. :)

I actually enjoyed the start of questing for horde much more than the alliance side of the questing. The alliance side seemed so bland, I guess is the best way to put it.
I feel basically the same as the OP, mostly b/c the story flow with questing seems to have been tightened up - imo the individual stories that make up each region and lead to sumtotals of major events at the end of each zone and some that stack up over zones is a nice touch. You've seen some of this in earlier Xpacs, but in combination with increased use of phasing, it feels like you have more of an impact on the landscape in a lot of these small villages and waypoints once you complete objectives.

My favorite so far would have to be Jade forest as well, as the zone does a great job of showing the player that "there were monsters, and truly WE were them" as you see the first real culmination of the negative impact of the Alliance / Horde conflict carried onto Pandaren soil. It helps reinforce the idea that Pandaren starting characters see these events happening and choose their faction based on their interpretation of these events.

I'm really liking how the profs work this xpac, especially Cooking, where on completion of those first basic Ways quests, you likely have enough tokens (as well as meat you've probably gathered until that point) to level one of them far enough to make Feasts; I was able to make them w/i 20 mins of opening up Halfhll. Feels like you're getting well more out of it than having to have made x-ton of xpac recipes to get the feasts as in Cata.

I've only done any Pandaren content on Horde so far though, so can't comment on quality of Alliance quests...
I love almost everything. Thank you blizz!
So far, I've loved the vanilla feel of having to work for stuff, like doing dailies. I LOVE this xpac so far!
I like how I can play many Blizzard-Activision games, inside World of Warcraft.
When I had to kick the despondent panda back to Zhu's Outpost I almost woke the house laughing.

Thank you Blizzard :)
Thanks for all you guys have done at Blizzard. Game has come so far since vanilla!!!! Can't for titan to come out in the future. It should be an amazing game after all the experience you guys have gotten making wow.
Blizzard understands that rotation might work mystic wonders moving whimsical flow.
I know I am really enjoying MoP so far! I hit level 90 last night and jumped in to a heroic and a few scenarios, questlines for reputation with Panderan factions and pet battles! I am loving all there is to do!!

P.S: Jumping in to PvP soon to explore all the horizons!

blizz took huge dump on my class, yeah that is my whole MoP experience

i wish i could get my money back

Really, i've never done so much damage on my rouge before. they even added an AOE finisher that applies a DoT. I've spent years hoping for that.

Thanks so much BLIZZ!! i'm still a loyal customer!

What have been some of your favorite experiences within Mists of Pandaria so far?

The PvP! You've really done some great things this time, you really have. With cross server zones, lowering the strength of guards, the new battlegrounds, and the fact that you continue to keep your eye on everything PvP, everyone there at Blizzard has and continues to outdo them selves.

I have to admit I was one of the people saying this expansion wouldn't be very good at all... but once I saw the changes "behind the written/advertised curtains", I was excited. Now expiriencing it, I love it. I Havn't enjoyed the game so much since Vanila/BC.
Beautiful landscapes, lovely music, and amazing quest lines so far. I used to say that BC was my favorite time in WoW (I started Vanilla only 8 months before the release of BC so I never got to know it as well as others) but I think MoP will be taking that spot. Well done, Blizzard. Thank you for restoring my faith in a great game!
yay, i nice thread :)

yes mop is amaaaazing so far!
You love it , your not even 90 yet , wait till you get to the stupid daily rep grind and getting 110 per quest to get gear you have to pay jp for that wont even get you into lfr, do that for 2 weeks and see if you havent pulled all your hair out like i did, worst xpac everrrrrrrrrrrrr
mop is better than vanilla? GTFO!
Too much to do to get bored, and I only have one level 90 character!!!! Absolutely loving this xpac. I stopped/quit wow when cata came out. I do not like cata at all. I made a pandaren monk, but he has been stuck at lvl 25 for a while now because I have to do dailies on my main, and then cooking, and then other profs. *get broke, go pickpocket on windward isle, and go splurge some more on things* By far this is the best xpac, and thank you to all the blizzard folks. I honestly hope you guys are seeing a surge in players coming back. Cata seemed to have been quite the downfall for players leaving.
Amazing work as usual Blizz, keep it up.

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