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I'm loving MoP--it is obvious how much work you people at Blizzard put into it--it is worthy of any gaming award out there. I love the commentary by all the NPC's, it never fails to give me a daily laugh. The NPC names are a hoot too--how about that guy at the fishing village--Master..something-or-other (I won't spoil it by giving away his name, but someone at blizzard has a great sense of humor!). This is my favorite expansion yet!
11/03/2012 09:51 PMPosted by Loonitoon
I love the commentary by all the NPC's


ALL Npcs??

How could anyone LIKE that little brat LiLi?

I tried feeding her to hozen...they didn't take her...( pulling mobs+ shadowmelding usually kills NPC escort quest people I dislike.)
I have to admit I was a bit skeptical at first but so far I can't complain. The only gripe I have is heirlooms not scaling to 90 and the rep grind being a bit annoying. Still both of those things I can live with. This leveling experience was alot more bearable than previous incarnations.

I like the quest in The Jade forest where I got to snipe Orcs in the head. :D

Sully McLeary’s commentary during that was a hoot!

I enjoyed the Horde counter to that quest series as well. :)


Edit, my second favorite come during the instance Stormstout Brewery . the entire section of Uncle Gao's chatter from start of the boss encounter to end when Chen is amazing. PEPPERS!
A Positive thread?

On THESE forums?

I expect to wake up any moment.

My favorite thing has to be the training montage from the Hidden Master. And I can replay it!
I like a multitude of things in MoP.... The questing has been more story driven and grasping than any other expansion before it. The environment is truly beautiful. (If you actually take a moment to look at it.) And I absolutely LOVE the cinematics. It's pretty obvious that a lot of time has been put into them. My favorite story line would be the whole idea behind the paragons, how the council preserved the most powerful warriors in times past in case the queen were to grow too powerful. So, they would have soldiers to fight for them if that time came. The idea is BRILLIANT!
Couldn't agree more. This expansion is fantastic and I don't think you hear that enough on here
This game is !@#$, I'm playing Rift now and having a blast. You can keep you retarded kiddie game made by retarded developers.
11/04/2012 10:22 AMPosted by Amergin
This game is !@#$, I'm playing Rift now and having a blast. You can keep you retarded kiddie game made by retarded developers.

MOP sucks made 90ty in 4 days did dailys every sinse even got 1 alt to 90 now it is just plain boreing ! played all of last expansion never got bored ! but these 900 dailys a day just suck and no ghost flying really sucks ! and no way to make gold cause now you can grow everything ! and herbs are like everydam foot in mop and ghost ore ! anyway mop just sucks i mean panda bears really all you could come up with in a year was a dam copy of disney god!

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