/cast !Alter Time doesn't work

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By definition, using the "!" character in front of your spell's name in a /cast macro should allow you to spam that spell without cancelling it or to spam a placeable AOE without cancelling the green selection circle. However, it seems like this feature doesn't work for Alter Time which is VERY annoying for me in PvP. I wouldn't mind making a /script for it but obviously it seems like the wow API won't allow me to cast a spell or to "cancelmacro" in those, making me unable to make such a macro.

Here is the macro I'm willing to use (which would be very, very handy to me):
#showtooltip Alter Time
/cast [nomod:shift, nomod:alt] !Alter Time
/cast [mod:shift] Alter Time
/cancelaura [mod:alt] Alter Time

What it should do is allow me to spam my Alter Time hotkey without worrying about the fact that I may cancel it when I am finally able to do it (after a CC or after finishing a cast, by example). Once I know that the buff is active, I can here use the SHIFT modifier to return to the snapshot I took when casting the spell, or I can use the ALT modifier to cancel the aura and stay at my current state. Everything works but the "!" character that doesn't do anything and allows me to use and cancel alter time in a single global CD (instantly).

Such macros have been working for all of the spells I needed to do this with like, by example, all my AOE's or my Ice Block.

Thanks for any reply, and for helping me if I am doing something wrong.
forgive me if i'm an ignorant moron (forgive me pls)

is there a reason you can't have this functionality without a macro at all? the global cooldown from casting alter time prevents you from accidentally hitting it again. I highly doubt you continue mashing the button for longer than 1.5 seconds after you see the effect take, do you?

And if you do, you can replicate the functionality with 3 individual macros using keybind "3", "Shift-3" and "Alt-3"

no? yes? i realize it seems like you want the same functionality as an actual toggle spell, but alter time isn't a toggle spell like others you've used it with |:
The spell doesn't trigger global cooldown, which means I can press on it two times very quick and it will just get on CD without doing anything really, this is what I'm trying to prevent.
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The ! modifier means activate only, not deactivate. So in the case of a toggleable buff (such as Aspect of the Hawk), it will only activate Aspect but never deactivate it. You can use it for autoattack such that it will always toggle it on, but never off. For spells with a targeting reticule, it will always activate but never deactivate it.

Since this spell doesn't work like those, it works exactly as it should. The second click doesn't "cancel" the effect. It triggers it. It is only ever activating, since this spell doesn't have any sort of "deactivate" function to be ignored by the ! modifier.
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#showtooltip alter time
/castsequence reset=30 Alter Time, Flamestrike, Flamestrike, Flamestrike, Flamestrike, Flamestrike, Flamestrike, Flamestrike, Flamestrike

does what you are looking for.
^Indeed it does.

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