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Recently I've had a lot of problems with WoW randomly not responding. When it stops, I can't exit out of it, but the process continues and I can't end it. It also messes with the rest of my comp and makes everything lag, including a half hour shutdown/restart time so that I can start playing again. Don't see how it can be comp specs but here they are anyways:

CPU: i7-2640M @2.8 GHz
Graphics: GeForce GT 540M

Also, everything is updated and this didn't start happening until MOP. Really hoping to raid this week so help is greatly appreciated.
I am having the same issues! I noticed it starting just before MoP was released, but since the actual release it has gotten progressively worse. I don't know if you play with the sound on, but I have also noticed my sound begins to freeze, skip, or shut completely down before a "big freeze". When it happens, my WoW window says (Not responding) and my entire computer is frozen anywhere from 3-10 minutes at a time. occasionally disconnects during it as well. I really hope someone finds the answer because it's driving me insane!
Bumping this because I really need help. Missed the raid tonight because of this.
I'm having the same problem. Any input on how to fix this would be nice.
Bump! I attempted a dungeon tonight and froze multiple times during. I reinstalled WoW, set my graphics to low, and haven't been running any programs in the background and it's still doing this to me.
I a. Having similar problems the game crashes then I can't reconnect and have to restart ,y computer to get it to reconnect to wow. Internet still works but super super slow. I have no clue what the issue is
Hey guys, haven't had a definitive answer/solution yet. But I was told to try this: Within the wow folder, delete the files wow.mpil, wow.mfil, and wow.tfil. Then go into the Data folder and delete the cache. Finally go into your C drive, Program Data, and delete and Blizzard Entertainment. Don't no if this works or not, I'm trying it right now and I'll let you guys know.
I'm also having this problem and have been since 5.0.4. The problem occurs with and without addons. The game is borderline unplayable : /
Isoln please let me know! Last night, I tried this:

I have only had 1 freeze since then. So far, no permanent solution though it does seem to have helped a little bit.
Nope, didn't help :( Stopped again after about 2 hrs. Sending in my DxDiag and MSInfo and seeing if they can do anything.
I really hate to hear that. Last night after my husband messed with my computer, I had a few good hours to play on and was even able to run a few dungeons. Today I log in and it was back to the same old stuff. I think he's going to completely reformat my computer because he seems to think it's on my end. We don't know what else there is to do.
I'm having the same issue. I've reinstalled, deleted interface folder, turned off addONs, set graphics to low and still having the game not respond about twice every hour.
Hey! Try going to the task manage, right click the wow go to set affinity, set it to just 1 processor instead of using all. It worked for me for some odd reason
Setting to just 1 processor has worked for me so far also, makes my frame rate drop some but at least I don't crash. I will post again if I experience any crashes with the affinity set to just one processor.
same problem here. WE DEMAND A SOLUTION. this crap started when MOP came out.
Ramcharger - you should start your own thread if you have a problem. That is how it works on this forum. Explain what is happening. Check you main wow folder for errors folder and paste the most recent on your new thread.
Has anyone found a solution to this problem
I updated my video driver and so far it has fixed my problem
having the same problem. even when tabbing out of freezes in the background.
Having the same issue... random non responds everywhere...... please help... updated graphics driver yesterday, the only time it doesnt freeze often is when my addons are off

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