Add on for bigger buffs on unit frames and...

UI and Macro
I want to know of an addon that can display some of my buffs bigger, so i can keep track of them easier. Such as slice n dice. I would like to stick to default ui as well. And to go along with this i want to display my debuffs larger such as rupture on my target frames.... for the same reason, easier to see and keep track of. I want them to work just like the way blizz does just larger and it doesnt have to be every buff just the ones with <45 seconds or 1 min... I dont need it to show my poisons or other buffs mainly just slice n dice and other relatively short buffs, currently now i am now able to show any buffs under my unit fram they are all over on the top right of my screen, which is fine but id also like to display them under my frame.

If there is an add on or a setting i am not seeing that can help me with this please let me know, any information is helpful.

Thank you
Layover. It will show big icons on the default raid frames. Is that what you want?

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