Ret PVP damage so sad

Agincourt is bad and should feel bad.

I'm pooping on noobs in BGs with my poop gear.
Yeah, right. And anyone equally or better geared is crushing you. Your gear is crap BTW. Get some honor gear, gems and enchants.
Until you get a weapon and use real gems, kindly shut the hell up about other people's gear.
yeah as i got better gear i noticed a big difference
Sup. Using one of the best currently-available weapons. No, it isn't a Heroic Raid weapon. Be realistic in your expectations.

Against anything in gear (crafted or better), our sustained is trash. Burst is still lethal, but when I watch Frost DKs chain me for 45k all day without any kind of offensive CD/trinket use vs the piddly 30k crits I throw back at him without Wings/HA up (and no active defensive CDs on his part).. yeah. Something's wrong with our damage.

We're right back to the same old model. All the damage inside CDs, none of it on the outside.
Damage still doesn't compare to warriors or dks, with our cds up warriors are still equal if not better. This would be fine in most cases because we normally have better utility and more self heals, but now warriors(dks to) heal about just as much, which leaves us with the utility. Our bubble can be shattering throwed(honestly, seriously needs to be takin out of the game, unless they take off the 50% dmg reduction debuff when shield is popped. Also repentance should be a regular spell and we should be able to talent it into a stun. Just my .02
Death Knights, not so much, but we all know that second wind needs to be revised.
Repentance is fine talented. It certainly does not need to be baseline.
CS is based off of your weapon dps and atm you are using a BIN weapon.
still without wings we are quite !@#$house.
When I first hit 90 and had very little crafted pvp gear and greens and crappy blues from pve, I thought the same. Most other classes were out dpsing me and almost out self healing me. Now after I stacked pvp power and resilience im sitting at around 60% resil and 28% power, I am owning. Ret scales well with gear. Last night I won every duel against a mage except for a fire mage and only because I was specced wrong, after i specced into burden, I was able to beat him every time. Won against every hunter i dueled which has been a long time since that has happened. And also a handful of other classses like 2 shadow priest, 2 druids and a warrior. Won 98% out of the like 30 duels.

I also made a few changes to spec that have helped alot in pvp.
1: Use Holy avenger...I used divine purpose and loved it but not for pvp, rng is just not reliable. Besides I macro my trinket and HA and than macro gaurdian and wings and thats two seperate cds I can throw down almost every minute.
2: Use exicutioners stance. Its decent dps on a long cd if you got a sure kill but I personally keep it for when im getting trained and I need heals....That with the other self heals we have, im a truck.
3.Get both trinkets, massive pvp on them. Personally id use conquest for stritly gear because its more of an up from honor than the trinkets are. So honor trinkets are fine.
4.Selfless healer, take some weight off of your holy power with this heal.

Thank you so much for this... exactly what I was searching for. Some general ret pvp advice.
I've been noticing that, as I gear up and get more PvP power, my damage feels a lot better.

At first, I was rather "meh" about Ret's sustained the week before season 12. Now my damage feels good, surprisingly good. Like, I feel my burst might almost rival warrior burst. (Which is often considered OP this season.) I can also dish out some serious pain outside of CDs as well. A few lucky DP procs and I'm critting clothies for 60k+ base Templar's Verdict damage.

Our damage isn't bad, we're just very gear reliant.

Speaking of damage...

While we might not get those huge 100k crits like Warlocks and warriors do, we can get off a lot more attacks in a smaller amount of time. I like to think Ret as the rogue of plate classes. Only instead of stealth and control, we have amazing support utility. We have an unusually high crit chance for a strength class (Inquisition) and, because haste is our best stat, we get off a lot more attacks. Not just auto attacks, but also a lot more HP generators due to SoB.

So while our damage might not look impressive from the numbers, we're definitely doing more then most people perceive.
still a mage non gemmed non chanted in contenders could put you down like a sack of !@#$ lol
10/04/2012 11:54 PMPosted by Lobster
still a mage non gemmed non chanted in contenders could put you down like a sack of !@#$ lol
Anticipate cooldowns and respond in kind. It's not hard.


It's pretty easy to tell when a bad mage will Deep Freeze you.

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